A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, April 20, 2015

"...Never An Easy Experience"

Hello Mother!
Thanks a bunch for the letter and box!  Thanks for telling me about Christian!  Thanks for thinking I'm handsome!  I get my haircut at some random hair cutting place.  A hair cut always costs $2 here.  I havnt put on sunscreen a single time on my mission so far.  Maybe i'll start.   
Yes, we got to teach Grace this week.  She came to church again this sunday.  So she's progressing pretty well.  We realized that we have stake conference this next sunday so we dicided to delay the baptism untill the next week which is the 2nd.  Because you cant get comfirmed during a stake conference.  That'd be pretty cool if you all (Kim's Mia Maid class) wrote a letter.  But dont forget to translate it into spanish.  
So other than Grace and Ines coming to church this sunday no body else came to church.  I dont really know why it is so hard sometimes for investigators to come to church.  I feel like we explain things really well.  They just have a really hard time doing what they almost always say they will do.  It's frustrating sometimes.  I sometimes wish it was easier.  But like Elder Holland said, "salvation was never an easy experience".  So i just have to keep being patient and keep working hard.  I know there has to be someone out there that is really searching for something that will help them in their dificult times.  I just really really want to find these people.  I know we will if we keep working hard and relying on the Spirit.  
Well thats pretty much it for now!  I hope everyone has a good week!
Elder Eastman
ps.  If you know of anyone that i know that has recently recieved their mission call and when people that i know from the old ward get them could you tell me where they are going?  I would like to know.  Thanks!

Hola Emma!  Muchas gracias por esta carta!  Tu español es muy bien!  ¿Escribiste todo este de memoria o con un poco de ayuda?  Bueno, sigas aprendiendo mucho en la escuela!  Cuando regreso a la casa todos nosotros vamos a poder hablar español.  Solo nuestro mamá tiene que aprender un poco y no necesitamos hablar en ingles más.  Eso sería chévere.  ¡Espero que tengas un muy buen día!  Te amo mucho!
Elder Eastman

Hey Dad!
Im doing super good!  That's good about the lawn!  And i enjoyed hearing about your race!  Im sorry the time wasnt exactly what you were looking for.  But that's good that you learned something really important from it.  I know you'll be able to get the time in your next races.  Thanks a bunch for that nice picture of your foot!  That's definitely a nasty blister.  
Yep my companion is super awesome and funny.  He only has 3.5 months left but he still works really hard.  
Thanks a bunch for all the support and prayers!  Love you!
Elder Eastman

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