A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Teaching Gospel Principles

Hello Mother!

Yep i read my blessing pretty often.  It's always nice to read it. 
The Pasmiño did come to church again.  They're doing super good.  And will probably get baptised this Saturday.  The last thing we taught them was Tithing.  But I cant remember what part I taught.  We switch off alot and dont always teach the same parts every lesson.  I did, this sunday, get to teach all of the Gosple Principles class in church.  Right as the class was starting i was chosen to teach it.  So I didnt know at all that i was going to have to do it before.  But it all went well and turned out to be a nice lesson.  I'm so glad that the Spirit helps us be able to teach lessons and classes.  It would be alot harder without it.  Oh and i got to teach about repentence for this class.  It was nice.  

Hmmm... That's a tough question.  Well it is true that i would like the newest version when i get back.  So I guess she can have it as long as i dont lose any of my music or pictures or other important things.  So you could just make sure that all of that important stuff is on my computer before hooking her up with it.  I think all of that stuff is already on my computer, but you could just make sure.  And also make sure that that phone isnt synced with my computer anymore.  

Yes i got that package a little while ago.  Thank you a bunch for it!  The jacket works very well.  I would like a few socks.  (for his birthday) Some of mine have holes in them.  Ties are always wonderful too.  Tech Decks are fun.  They're just tiny skateboards for your fingers.  Elder Peters gave me one after our time together.  That's pretty much what i can think of right now.  

Elder Eastman

I have some pictures this week!

The first one a park that our ward cleaned up the other day.  
The second one is a sunset on a street that we live next to. 
The third one is my companion and me with Quito behind us. 

Hello Father!  

I'm doing super good.  And feeling good too.  Although im still pretty tired alot.  But that's ok.  Our next transfers are in about 3 weeks.  I think i might be going this time because my companion only has one more transfer after this one and a new guy needs to come in to learn the sector before my companion goes.  But you never really knows what is going to happen. 

Yeah my district is pretty obedient.  They could get a bit better, mostly in becoming consecrated missionaries,  but for the most part they are obedient.  Yeah there are alot of problems with obedience here.  It's because of that, that not all the companionships have cellphones.  

That edger was a bit of a pain to use.  After you get it started you have to let it run for a few minutes before you can pull on the throttle.  But that's cool that you got a new one.  

Love you mucho también!
Elder Eastman

Monday, May 18, 2015

Good Hopes For Families

Hello Mother!
Oh that's very nice that you guys wrote that letter.  Dont forget to translate it :)  Also very cool about those mission calls.  Do know when they and also Ryan Dowdle leave?  
Well this week wasnt super exciting, although i did get pretty sick again.  Diareaha (dont know how to spell that) and throwing up.  But I'm better now.  Also we have been trying hard lately to find some new investigators.  And we were able to find a new family.  But they werent able to come to church this week because one of the 12 year old daughters was getting baptised in their other church.  So im not really sure what's going to happen with them.  However our good family of investigators, the Pasmiño family, came to church again this week.  And this time it was all on their own and they even got there a little early.  So we have some good hopes for them.  
I saw the hand of the Lord this week in our contacting.  We came across a family of old investigators from some old missionaries, and they seemed pretty opened to listening to us again.  So that could have been the hand of the Lord guiding us to that house.  We werent able to teach them this week because I think the mom had to go to the hospital.  
Well I definitely think that the mission has strengthend my testimony alot.  Especially in the basic things.  I know better now that God is our Heavenly Father and loves us very much.  And that He always wants the best for us and always wants to give us His blessings.  I also know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, called by God.  I know the Book of Mormon is true and can help us in our lives more than anything else.  
Well i hope everyone is doing alright and that you have a good week!  

Happy Birthday Grandpa Eastman!!
Elder Eastman

Hey Dad!  Im doing good!  Well I guess it's a good thing that it has been raining alot there.  It has been raining less lately over here.  I think we are officially in summer now which means it wont rain very much at all.  I really like that passage from the Bible Dictionary (on prayer).  I'll try to get better at praying too.  Sometimes it's hard not to just do routine prayers or say the same things every time.  
I love you too!

Elder Eastman

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Skype

We were able to Skype with Elder Eastman for about an hour on Sunday.  Happy Mother's Day (and Father's Day) to us!  He is happy, healthy and is being a great missionary.  It was wonderful to have Chelsea home from her mission this time.  I love this family picture.

The next day was his P-day.  We got the shortest email of all time.  But that's ok.

Hello again!  I enjoyed talking to you guys too!  The time just goes by way to fast for those things.

This is Grace and her brother.  

Well im sorry this has been super super short but i also dont really know what to write.  

Have a good week everyone!

Elder Eastman

Monday, May 4, 2015

Don't Eat the Chicken Liver

Hello Mother!

I'm doing good and feeling better!  Nope the baptism wasnt able to happen.  Only because the mom wasnt able to sign the paper thing.  But it should happen this next saturday.   
Well that's super cool that those guys are going on a mission!  Is it going to be a 2 year mission? 
Yep i get you talk to you guys this sunday!  We can do it at 5 (your time).  I dont think i remember my username and password for my skype acount though.  Do you think you could make a new one for me and send me the username and password?  
Yesterday we got our changes!  Both me and Elder Caceres are staying here.  Which im pretty happy about.  We did get a new asistent (of the president)  though!  And it's my "father" Elder Peters!  So that's pretty cool.  I also got to see my mtc companion Elder Fuller today where alot of the missionaries meet to go to there new sectors.  It was really fun to be able to talk with him after a long time of not seeing each other.  
Well that's pretty much it for now!  Sorry i dont have any new pictures.  

Elder Eastman

Hello Father! I'm doing great.  Nope we didnt have baptism on saturday.  Only because her mom wasnt able to sign the paper thing before the baptism.  But this next saturday is pretty firm that it will happen.  
The walking is alright.  Still alot of it.  But at least there are alot of busses here.  Yep i'm getting enough food and i'm getting as much sleep as possible while still being obedient.  
I dont remember if i told you but i had to eat some liver from chicken a little while ago.  It gave me food poisoning.  It wasnt very fun.  But im alright now.  
Well if we have time in the morning i will study spanish.  But alot of the time we dont have enough time to do it, because of a lesson or meetings.  
Love you too!

Elder Eastman