A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, December 28, 2015

Sick Again

Hey mom!  Well I'm pretty sick right now.  I've thown up a few times already.  So I'm in pretty bad shape right now.  Sorry if the email is a bit shorter than normal.  
A contact that we had a few weeks ago who we invited to church, actually came to church this sunday.  His name is Carlos Panchana.  He's a bit of an older guy and separated from his wife.  We visited him after church and he told us how he would like to stay in this church for good and get baptised.  He's pretty much a golden investigator!  Well that and the skype call were the two best things that happend this week.  I hope you guys have a good new years!

Elder Eastman

Hey dad.  It was definitely super awesome to be able to talk to you guys too.  I wish we had a bit more time to talk.  40 minutes goes by super fast.  Well right now I'm feeling pretty sick.  I've already thrown up 2 times.  I probably ate some thing bad.  So I wont be able to write a whole lot this time.  But I'm really glad to be here too.  This work is a wonderful work and I'm happy to be able to help in it.  
I love you too!

Elder Eastman

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Elder Eastman is a happy elder!  He is staying positive, and he's working hard.  We could hear a bit of a spanish accent as he talked to us.  Josh skyped from the home of one of the ladies who cooks for the elders.  We got to meet her and thank her for feeding our son.  She said (in spanish) that she does it with much love and that we have a good son.  We also were able to say hello to Josh's companion, Elder Hall from Provo.  Skyping with Josh was our favorite Christmas gift!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Luis' Baptism

Hello Mother!  Luis' baptism did happen.  It was a really good baptismal service.  He looked really happy before and after.  He asked me to baptise him so I got to do that.  Like I have said before, it has been really cool to be able to see the changes that have gone on in him.  After the baptism he asked me what he has to do to go on a mission.  He said he would like to go on one.  So that would be the coolest thing ever if he goes on a mission in a year or so.  On Sunday Luis and Joselyn got confirmed.  
We also have another investigator named Christian Velasco that could get baptised this Saturday.  Christian is 22 years old.  Lately it has been really hard to teach because he has never had much time because of work and school.   But if everything goes well he could get baptised this Saturday.  He has already been coming to church for a while now.  The challenge with him is that pretty much his whole life he has been studying with a different church that has a very different doctrine.  So now he's been a bit confused with the different doctrines.  But he really wants to learn and get baptised.  We just have to clear up a few things for him.  
So yeah we are going to Quito pretty soon.  The dinner with president is tomorrow so we'll be staying over night there until tomorrow.  
So around 5:30 our time (3:30 your time) is when I'll be calling.  Hopefully the computer that I'll have will work just fine.  
Well I cant wait to talk to you guys!  See you on friday!

Elder Eastman

Hey Dad!  I'm doing really good.  I feel good too. Yeah, I'm pretty much used to the heat now.  The baptism of Luis did happen.  It was a really nice baptismal service.  I got the opportunity to do the baptising.  After the baptism he said that he would like to go on a mission.  He asked me what he has to do to do that.  It would be super awesome if he goes on a mission in a year or so.  
Well sorry this email is short too.  We have to go to Quito soon.  I'm super excited to talk to you guys on friday!  So see you then!
I love you too!

Elder Eastman

Monday, December 14, 2015

Joselyn's Baptism

Hey dad, Im doing really good.  That's a super cool pic.  I still kinda miss the snow.  I'm pretty much used to being in the incredible heat now, but I still like the cold more.  Wow that sure is crazy that Chelsea's getting married!  But that's cool.  
Well I still feel really good about the progress of the work here in La Concordia.  On Saturday we had a baptism and this Saturday we have one more planned, and so do the other missionaries that are here.  The girl got baptised on saturday is named Joselyn.  Her mom is also an investigator and was going to get baptised but cant right now because of a medical issue.  The guy who is getting baptised this next saturday is named Luis Bravo.  It's been really cool to be able to see the change that has gone in him these past few weeks.  Earlier in his life he hardly believed in God and didnt always make the best decisions in his life.  But now he believes alot more in God and has a testimony of the restored gosple.  And now it seems like he thinks more about the consequences of his decisions.  So it's been really awesome to be a missonary here at this time.  
I love you too!

Elder Eastman

Hey mom, I'm doing great.  The ant problem has gone away.  There's not very many ants that ever come into our house anymore.  So that's really good.  
Thanks a bunch for the pics.  Sounds like you guys have been having some pretty good times lately.  Well that definitely is a pretty big surprise about Chelsea getting married! But that's pretty cool I guess, I'm sure Spencer is a nice guy.  
Well the work is moving forward pretty well here.  On saturday we had the baptism of Joselyn.  Which was kind of a crazy story.  Right before the baptism we found out that she now didnt want to get baptised.  But we had to wait to talk to her about it just an hour before the baptism was planned when she got out of school.  My companion told me that we just need to have faith that it'll all turn out alright.  We finaly got to talk to her and she was set on not doing it.  We just shared a few scriptures, explained some stuff and told her that there are members waiting for in the chaple ready to support her.  Then she said she would do it.  So miracles work with a bit of faith!  Her mom was going to get baptised too but she isnt able to right now because of her medical issue.  This comming saturday we have the baptism of Luis Bravo scheduled.  Luis was the guy in the FHE.  He's doing super good still.  We had another FHE last night with him.  It seems like he is making some good new friends in the church now and fitting in well.  It's has been really cool to be able to see the change that has gone on in him.  He has a good tesitimony and is alot more social and out going now. 
I still havnt gotten any package.  But I know that a package of mine is in the offices of the mission in Quito.  So I should get it soon.  
Next monday we will be going to Quito for the christmas dinner with president.  So next monday I will be writing early, like around 12 or 1pm.  So make sure you all write your emails before that.  
I love you mom!!!

Elder Eastman

Monday, December 7, 2015

"It Works Wonderfully" and So Does Ant Spray

Hey Dad!  I'm doing really good.  I'm truely happy to be here and be able to work here as a missionary.  Elder Hall and I have been working hard.  I have really been able to see this week that I am happier when I know that I have been trying my best.  
I'm glad that you were able to have a good experience in church yesterday despite of all those challenges.  Here in La Concordia I also find myself getting a bit frustrated because the members arent always reverent during Sacrament Meeting.  Somtimes I feel like standing up and shouting at everyone to tell them to be quite.  But that probably wouldnt be the best thing to do.  I really really like the very first talk in this past general conference by President Uchtdorf called "It Works Wonderfully".  He asked us if the gospel is working for us and he told us the things we can do to simplify our discipleship.  When we focus on the basics of the gospel we will more easily be able to see the true beauty of the gospel and it will work better in our lives.  The two most important commandments that we have is to love God and to love the people around us.  Trying to just love everyone really helps us to be happier and enjoy every moment of our lives.  
Well during this time that I have been here on the mission I have really grown to love this Church.  It really is the work of the Lord and it is wonderfull.  Keep going strong dad! I love you!

Elder Eastman

Life has been pretty wonderful in La Concordia.  Still super duper hot and also a ton of rain, but I'm still enjoying it here.  Elder Hall is super great.  He already speaks really good spanish and he is an overall great missionary.  He's really fun to be with too.  On tuesday night we came into our house after a good day of rain and found a bit of a surprise inside.  There were literally thousands of giant ants on our walls and ceilings.  We werent going to allow those ants to crawl around us all night so we rushed over to the store and bought a few cans of ant killing spray.  Then we got back to the house, opened up the windows and doors and sprayed up all of those ants.  After the masacre was over we had a few big piles of dead ants around the house.  It was quite gross but now there are alot less ants coming into our house. 
We also had a coulple of good spiritual experiences this week.  Last night we had an f.h.e. with a recent convert family and our investigator Luis Bravo.  We watched the video about the story of John Taylor.  After a good conversation about the video and the gospel, Luis told us that he is really starting to feel that the things we are teaching him are true and that God really does exist.  It's really cool to see the change that goes on in people who open there hearts and let the Spirit come in.  
My shoes are in pretty rough condition.  The insoles of my J&M's are getting destroyed, the heel of my black ecco's are super worn down and are now letting water in, and the brown ecco's are still in really good condition.  So I might need to buy some new ones or just try and fix the sole and insole of those two pairs of shoes.  
I'll let you know what time we'll skype on Christmas day next monday. 
Well I gotta go now.  I love you mom and happy birthday again!

Elder Eastman

Monday, November 30, 2015

A Baptism and A Bath

Hey mom!  Thanks a bunch for those recipes!  I'm sure she'll be able to cook them. 

Well actually all the baptisms fell except for one.  Jose F. was able to get baptised on saturday.  And I got to do the baptising!  It was a pretty interesting experience baptising Jose.  Mostly because he's 85 years old and cant walk very well.  When he first started leaning back into the water he kind of yelled out in pain from his back.  Then coming out of the water he had a bit of a hard time standing up and then he had to adjust his back a bit.  Then for some reason he decided that he wanted to get a bit more clean so he went back underwater and scrubbed his head.  But afterwards he looked really happy.  I guess it's never to late to start following Jesus Christ!  

Teaching this week was pretty good.  We had a pretty interesting lesson with our investigator Luis B.  I'm pretty sure I have told you guys about him.  Well Luis has had a bit of a hard time in just believing that God exists.  It's been one of his doubts for pretty much his whole life.  He believes a bit more in the Big Bang and stuff like that.  He also has the doubt about how it was possible that all of humanity could have come from just two people, Adam and Eve.  These are some questions that I really havnt had to deal with in my mission.  Most people here believe in God and Adam and Eve.  So it was pretty interesting trying to help someone with stuff like that.  There is a scripture that I really like that has to do with this.  It's Mosiah 4:9.  It's really not necesary to have answers to everything.  We just simply have to believe in God and that He knows everything and has a perfect plan for us, and then we will get the answers to everything someday after this life. 
Well today we had changes again.  And now I am no longer with Elder Caballero.  I am now with Elder Hall. Elder Hall is from Provo, Utah and has 3 months here in Ecuador.  His spanish is pretty good and I'm excited to be able to work with him here in La Concordia.  Elder Caballero went to Quito.  
Well that's it for now!  I love you mom!!

Elder Eastman

Ps, the christmas call is coming up soon so we need to start planning that out, like what time you guys can do it and all that. 

Hey dad!  I'm doing really well.  Well actually today we had changes and now I have an even newer companion.  I'm still here in La Concordia but now I'm with Elder Hall.  Being with Elder Cabllero was really good.  He doesnt really speak any english.  He is the only member of the church in his family and lives in a city on the coast of Colombia called Santa Marta.  I think he wants to study something like occupational health or something like that.  But now I am with Elder Hall.  He is from Provo, Utah and has 3 months here in Ecuador.  Elder Hall is pretty cool, and his spanish isnt to bad.  
Well I'm not to sure what I'm wanting to do after the mission.  And I really havent been thinking about it too much.  But I want to do something that has to do with health or medicine.  Just like you!  
I really like those verses.  And I like sharing them with other people too.  It's a really good example of a sincere repentance.  
I love you too!

Elder Eastman  

Monday, November 23, 2015

On The Positive Side

Hey dad, things are going pretty well.  I feel pretty good health-wise too.  I'm starting to run more.  A few times a week me and the other elders in my district are running in the mornings.  They're not very long runs but it's better than nothing.  I miss being in good running shape.  
I like those suggestions for increasing my happiness level.  I definitely think that I could work harder at looking for the good things that happen every day.  
On saturday I prepared a talk that I thought I would have to give on sunday about the Sacrament.  I didnt have to give the talk but I still enjoyed the time that I had to think about the Sacrament.  For a little while now I have also been trying to appreciate the Sacrament more and have more spiritual experiences with the Sacrement.  I have definitely seen positive results with that when I just try and focus on the purpose of the Sacrament.  
I love you too!
Elder Eastman

Hola mi querida mamá!  ¿Como están ustedes con sus estudios de Español?  ¿Emma esta en clases de Español todavía?  
Wow I didnt realize it was thanksgiving today. But that's cool! (What a funny kid.  I didn't say it was today.)  No I havent ever tried making a blessing list.  It's a good idea though.  
The success has been pretty good here lately.  Except we were going to have a bunch of baptisms this coming saturday but pretty much all of them fell through.  A few people didnt attend church on sunday (like Carmen and Joselyn) and a few people didnt pass the baptismal interview (like Jose).  Jose can still get baptised this coming saturday if he continues to keep a certain commandment every day before saturday.  Carmen and Joselyn will most likely be baptised next week so that they can attend church one more time.  
(Not intentionally, both Matt and I wrote to him about staying positive and optimistic) I remember in my first change here with Elder Peters we started doing this thing were every time we said something negative we had to immediately say something else positive.  That little activity helped us alot to always focus on the positive things.  
A few days ago we found a new investigator named Luis B.  Luis is 18 years old and lives here alone.  His mom, who lives in Quito, is a member.  He has heard alot about the church and has even been reading a bit of the Book of Mormon.  He's a super nice kid and super cool.  We have even gotten to talk on the phone with his mom.  She's also cool and says that she really wants us to help out her son.  The only bummer is that Luis told us that he as a problem with cocaine.  Which will be tough to overcome but definitely not impossible.  He has great desires to get better and get rid of his addiction.  
Well that's it for this week!  I love you mom!

Elder Eastman

ps, do you have those recipies? 

Monday, November 16, 2015

An Increase of Love

Hey Dad, thanks for those scriptures in Alma 31, I liked them alot and want to do what you said and pray for those same things that Alma prayed for.  Well this week was a pretty good week.  I felt good about the work and felt an increase of love for the work and for being a missionary.  I'm really glad to be here and be able to serve the Lord in this way.  
I love you too!

Elder Eastman

Hello mother of mine.  The fruit that that member grows is called cacao.  Well that's in spanish, im not sure how it is in english.  
Church yesterday was really good.  We had 6 investigators come to church again.  3 of which are progressing well and have a baptismal date for the 28th of this month.  First there is an old man named Jose Fajardo.  He's a bit old but is coming to church and wants to get baptised.  I guess it's never to late in ones life to start following the Savior Jesus Christ.  He also has family who are members.  There is also a lady named Carmen who is also a bit elderly.  Her daughter, Joselyn, is the third person progressing.  With Carmen it'll be a bit interesting baptising her becuase she has some type of a medical device attached to her chest that cant get wet.  I think its like a tube that connects to her blood stream because every week she has to have all of her blood replaced with new blood.  So we are thinking about covering this thing with some type of plastic so she can get baptised with out it getting wet.  
Good news!  Remember the Familia Pasmiño from Manantial, Quito?  Well I learned recently that they finally got baptised!  I think they got baptised just a few weeks after I left.  So that makes me really happy.  
Mother, can you send me a few recipes of the food you always make?  Stuff like green chile enchiladas, navajo tacos, chile, stuff like that.  The member lady that gives us lunch every day wants to try and make some of the stuff that I used to eat.  Thanks!  
Love you mom!  Have a wonderful week!

Elder Eastman

We went to some waterfalls as a zone today.

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Great Moment Of Joy At Church

Hey dad!  Dont worry about it, it's all good.  I did enjoy the other emails you sent me, especially that scripture.  This week went by so fast it feels like last monday was just yesterday.  Sundays are normal days except for going to church. The rest is working like normal.  
I kinda miss the cold.  Not that I dont like being here in the coast but I think I like the cold more than the heat.  
I really like that idea of a funeral and sacrament meeting.  I think I might share that idea with the people here.  
Sometimes I get the thought that I'm not doing good enough as a missionary.  I think that is just satan trying to make me feel bad.  But I'm also always trying to know what I need to do better.  I'm also trying to develop a greater love for this work and being a missionary.  I think I need to focus on staying positive and asking God to help me develop more of this love.  
Well I love you too!

Elder Eastman

Hey Mom,  I am feeling a bit better today.  I've kinda just been feeling an overall gross feeling.  Some days are better than others, but I think I've been getting sick more often because of the lack of exercise.  Back at home I was in shape because of running and that helps your immune system work better.  I haven't  been doing very much exercising here, so I think my body is just overall not very healthy.  So now I have a goal of doing more exercises and doing them every day.  I might even go running a few days of the week if I can convince my companion to come with me.  
The mission will no longer reimburse stolen money.  I think it's because some missionaries have faked getting robbed just to get more money.  We havn't been able to find a new apartment yet.  There aren't very many houses here for rent.  And even less that are suitable for missionaries to live in.  So we are still looking.  
Wow that's a ton of sisters.  Yesterday the sacrament room was completely full and there were about 180 people there.  Good job for doing a good job being the relief society president!  
Yesterday I had a great moment of joy at church when I realized that 9 of our investigators came to church.  With just one investigator coming to church I feel very happy, but with nine it's even better.  I really do love being a missionary and helping people come to Christ.  Sometimes I think I'm not a good missionary or that I rather not be here, but I think that is just satan trying to get me to give up.  But I really do want to be a great/consecrated missionary.  Sometimes, well basically always, it's hard to keep trying your best.  But with that comparison to running a race I realized that that is just normal.  It's impossible to run a race without being tired during it, or without the thought of just slowing down.  But the successful runners are those who don't pay attention to those kinds of thoughts, they keep giving 100% no matter what happens.  I think I can apply that more to me in my life as a missionary. 
Yay for Emma making it in a play!  That's super duper cool.  
Today we had an awesome, ecuadorian coast jungle adventure.  A member here owns a bunch of land where he grows palm trees to get some type of fruit.  In that land there are a bunch of rivers and thick jungle.  So today we explored that a bit with him and even went fishing with just fishing line, a hook and a worm (I had no success).  I will include some pics.  
Well that's it for now! I love you mom!  And everyone else.  

Elder Eastman

This river is called the river "¿que racemes?"

Monday, November 2, 2015

No Marriage No Baptism

Hey Mom!  Well I'm feeling a bit sick again so I'm sorry if this email isnt the greatest.  Ill try my best to write a good email though.  
Well that sure is a pretty impressive hand made costume!  People dont do anything here for Halloween.  
The church here in La Concordia is pretty strong.  It's a ward here.  There is a normal attendence of aroung 150 people.  Right now the church building is being renovated and they're adding on a whole new section.  So the church is definitely advancing forward here.  The people here are pretty receptive and we have a pretty good amount of investigators.  The dificulty here is that there's not very many poeple who are actually married.  There's alot of men and woman here living together with their kids who arent legaly married.  And the couples that are living together need to be married by the law in order to get baptised.  So alot of the investigators that we have arent able to progress because they arent married and dont really have the motivation necesary to get married.  It's cheaper and easier to separate when you're not legaly married here.  We have a family that we are teaching right now named the Familia Solorsano.  The kids are already baptised but the parents arent becuase they're not married.  The mom also has problems with her records that the government has.  So she has to fix those problems before they can get married.  So that's the deal with our investigators right now.  We're really trying to find some new investigators right now that actually have the ability to progress.  It's pretty tough but with the help of the Lord I know that we'll find success.  
My comps name is Elder Caballero.  I'll include a pic of him this time.  
Good news!  I finaly got that package that Chelsea sent me with the ties and the sweater.  Thanks a bunch for all of that!  I really like the sweater but while I'm here I wont be able to use it.  
Well thanks for being such a good mom!  I love you!

Elder Eastman

Enjoy the photo of my comp and of me at my desk

PS, This week someone broke into our house and robbed a bit of our money.  But dont worry to much we are ok.  We are just trying to figure out who it was.  We are also looking for a new house to move into now.  They just took $20 from me and $80 from my comp. 

Well I gotta go!  Bye!

Elder Eastman not feeling well

Monday, October 26, 2015

Settling Into La Concordia

Hello Mom!  

My first week here was pretty good.  It's alot different here than the other sectors that I have had.  First it's still super hot, and I'm still not really used to it.  The people also have a different accent here.  They talk fast and dont pronounce the letter "s" is certain parts of words.  The people are also really friendly here.  The food is better here too.  The apartment is nice.  I dont really like all the ants and spiders that are in it though.  My companion is super cool and funny.  He teaches well and is an overall good missionary.  We are entering in the rainy season now.  So I think it's going to rain alot here.  Yes I am feeling better now.  I think it was just the bus and the heat.  

Time has definitely gone by super fast.  It is a bit crazy that I was doing all of that a whole year ago.  I havent eaten that bread here yet. (referring back to guagua from last October)  But I drank the traditional drink during this time called Colada Morada.  It's just a hot drink with a bunch of fruit in it.  I dont like hot fruit so I dont really like this drink.  Well I gotta go now!  

I love you too mom!
Elder Eastman

Hey Father!  

I'm doing good.  Alot better than I was last monday!  I am feeling better now and drinking more water.  Nope I'm not wearing any of that anymore! (sweaters and long sleeves)  But I wish I could wear shorts and no tie. 

Traveling here was pretty cool.  Going down through the mountains was super awesome.  The mountains are super pretty.  And as you go down you can feel it getting hotter and hotter and more and more humid.  I first had to go to a city called Santo Domingo.  I think from Ambato to there it took about 4 hours.  Then I had to take another bus from Santo Domingo to my sector La Concordia.  That's about another hour away.  It's pretty dificult to travel in busses with the 3 heavy bags that I have.  But yeah, that was my traveling adventure.  I'll send some pics in the email to mom of my sector.  

I love you too!
Elder Eastman

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

From 8000 Feet to 1100 Feet: Welcome to La Concordia!

Hey Mom, I'm doing all right.  Yep the boy Jairo Reyes got baptised on friday.  He was excited.  His grandpa did the ordinance.  It was a really nice baptismal service and alot of people showed up.  One of the highlights of this week is that today I got transfered to a place called La Concordia.  It's part of the coast.  So no more cool mountain views for me.  There's no beach either.  Our mission doesnt reach that far.  But here it's pretty much at sea level.  That also means that it's unbelievably hot here.  I'm sweating alot right now and feeling pretty terrible.  I think I should drink more water now.  I'm now with Elder Caballero.  He's from Colombia and has about 6 months in the mission.  I'm pretty excited to be able to work here.  I just hope that I get used to the heat soon.  
Recently President Christensen challenged us to do the challege of "ponderizing" a scripture every week.  So for this week I'm going to ponderize D&C 6: 34 - 37.  You guys can read that if you want.  Sorry I dont have any pictures this week.  I left my camera in the house.  No I cant really think of anything else right now (for me to send him for Christmas).  What ever you think of will be wonderful.  Well that's it for now!   I love you too mom!

Elder Eastman

Hey Dad.  That's cool that you're trying to get up at 5 now.  It's still not very easy for me getting up at 6:30.  Dont worry, I am getting up on time everyday, I'm just really tired when I first get up.  That's super awesome that you got to go to those places.  I'm sure it was super fun.  Well today I got transfered out of Ambato.  Also out of the Ecuadorian mountains.  I'm now in the coast in a place called La Concordia.  It's not real coast with beach but it's pretty much at sea level and there's no mountains around here.  It's also really really really hot here.  I think I need to drink more water because I feel pretty terrible right now.  I'm now with Elder Caballero.  He's from Colombia and has about 6 months in the mission.  He seems like a pretty cool guy and a good missionary.  
Well I love you too!
Elder Eastman

Monday, October 12, 2015

Three Possible Baptisms

Hello Father!  
I'm doing really good.  My companion is great.  We're doing well together.  No I'm not a district leader.  Thanks for that thought.  I like thinking about the Atonement as well.  It's really one of the most important things to study.  Our president recently said that a missionary once asked him how he has come to understand the Atonement.  President said that he's done it by repenting.  So really the best way to come to understand the Atonement is by using it and repenting.  We will then feel it's power and what it's really ment for.  
Well I love you too! Have a great week!
Elder Eastman

Hey Mom!  
Oh man, for some reason I've never really enjoyed watching those videos. (home videos of him when he was little)  But I definitely have been born of goodly parents and you have taught me well.  Thanks for being a good example and for helping me become better.  
The work this week was great.  I feel really good about this week.  Three investigators came to church this week.  One is named Carlos Criollo.  He is the dad of a family where the rest are members, only he isnt a member.  He has received answers to his prayers and is coming to church now but still has a few doubts about baptism.  But if everything goes well with him he should get baptised this saturday.  Another investigator that came to church is named Jairon Reyes.  He is an 8 year old boy but neither of his parents are members, just his grandpa.  So because of that, we are in charge of his baptism. He has already come to church quite a few times, we just didnt know about him earlier.  He will be getting baptised this friday.  The last investigator is named Araseli Mera.  You might have already heard a bit about her already.  This was her third time coming to church.  She has been doing well with keeping the commitments we have given her like reading the Book of Mormon, praying and coming to church.  She is excited and basicaly ready for her baptism.  She could also get baptised this Saturday.  The only problem is that she has classes to go to this next sunday and the sunday after that, which makes her not able to come to church.  So her baptismal date is now for the 31st.  
Nope I havnt gotten that envelope yet.  I'm sure I'll get it soon.  
A pare of athletic socks would be wonderful.  I would like some flamin hot chitos, I miss those.  Well if I think of anything else I'll tell you next week.  
Well I love you too mom!  

Elder Eastman

Monday, October 5, 2015

Love His Work

Hey Mom!  Your elder is doing great!  I got to watch conference in english.  I really liked it and I learned alot from it.  I'm excited to download a bunch of the talks and listen to them again.  I like listening to talks in the morning and night time.  I was also worried about Pres. Monson and was also praying for him.  Oh boy, Chelsea's got a boyfriend!! WOW.  What's Spencer's last name?  
My trip to Quito was good.  It was pretty much a whole day of traveling though.  I really enjoyed being in Quito again.  Yep the Visa is all good and renewed.  
Well today I finished to Book of Mormon.  I really enjoyed reading it all the way through again.  There is so many good stories and things that we can learn and apply in our lives.  I definitely know it's true. I might just start reading it over again.  Or maybe I'll go to a different book.  
Well I'm sorry that this weeks email is a bit short.  My mind isnt coming up with anything else today.  I'm a bit tired right now.  Also our computer time was recently shortened to an hour and a half.  
I love you mom!  

Elder Eastman

Hi Dad!  I'm doing really good.  Don't worry about not writing last week.  It's all good.  I got to watch conference in english.  We just did some mini divisions with our companions.  I really really enjoyed conference.  There was also alot of talks that helped me.  I especially liked the very first talk by Elder Uchtdorf about making the Gosple more complicated than it needs to be.  Except for me I applied it to making missionary work more complicated than it needs to be.  Elder Uchtdorf said that we just need to love God and the rest of the obedience will come because of loving God.  So I think now that I have been trying to do missionary work without really understanding the most important part.  Just loving it.  So now I'm trying to just step back alittle and just love doing missionary work.  The rest of my obedience to the rules will become easier and I will be happier if I just love God and love His work.  
I love you too! 

Elder Eastman

Monday, September 28, 2015

Staying Positive

Hi Mom!  Yep it was seen here too. (the blood red lunar eclipse)  But I didnt see it because it was a bit cloudy and I was sleeping later on in the night.  
My week was pretty good.  The investigators arent all that great though.  Nobody came to church this sunday.  So none of them are progressing as of now.  I feel like we did all that we could do make sure they come to church.  But I guess people always have their agency.  It's a bit frustrating but I guess there's not much more we can do than just try our best with the help the Lord gives us.  The teaching is going good.  Elder Chavez and I are trying to do more practices in our companionship study to get better with our teaching skills.  It's really not hard to just give people the information, but it is hard alot of the time to make sure that people actually understand what all of this information means.  So that's what I'm always trying to get better at.  
Yesterday us 6 missionaries did what dad suggested we should do a little while ago, which is leave with members and go do some visits with them.  So for like 2 hours in the afternoon we all spit up into small groups and went and visited some people.  Not a whole lot of members showed up but it was still pretty successful.  
That's cool that you got to feed the missionaries on Saturday.  Sometimes I kind of wish that someone would feed me italian drip beef sandwiches.  But it's all good.  I like my rice and chicken, and am also grateful for the people that feed us.  
I'm also super duper excited for General Conference.  It's pretty much my favorite time of the year now.  It's crazy that this is my third General Conference in the mission.  Only one more after this.  Time goes by so fast.  I wish I could sing in it again.  That was just incredible to be able to do.  
Well I just got a call that I have to go to Quito tomorrow morning to renew my visa.  So that'll be fun.  
Well I love you too mom!  And everyone else!  

Elder Eastman

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sabbath Day Testimony

Hello my Mother,  I'm doing better now.  I'm pretty much over the sickness.  My stomach was alright after the Guinea Pig.  Nothing too major happened.  Well some events that happened this week are:  We had a zone conference on saturday with our mission president.  That was super good and very motivating.  We dont really get much time with president so it's always wonderful to talk to him and listen to him.  We talked a bit about the volcano issues that are happening right now and what we would do in case of an explosion.  Right now Cotopaxi isnt doing much. Just some smoke and stuff.  We also talked alot about obedience.  Mostly just going over what it says in the missionary manual.  Then right after that and on sunday as well we had our stake conference.  Which was also really good.  I think we should be having the invterviews with president in the next couple months because it's been awhile since we have had them.  Yep I email him every week.  
Thanks for those scriptures!  I really like them.  
Well lately we have been learning alot about the Sabbath Day and why we have it.  It's been really good to learn more about it and learning how to help investigators and other people understand it.  Alot of people we are working with havent been coming to church lately.  So this will be really good to apply to these people.  It's alot easier now for me to see the importance of the Sabbath Day.  It's probably one of the most important things we can do in our lives.  Something interesting that i learned was that we dont really need to have a list of the things that we should and shouldnt do on the Sabbath Day, we just need to think, what sign do I want to show God by doing or not doing this thing? And then it becomes easier to know the things that we should and shouldnt do.  
Well that's it for this week!  I love you mom!  And everyone else!

Elder Eastman

Hey Dad!  Sounds like a pretty good week!  Yes we can watch and use Bible videos.  This was a pretty normal week except for the zone conference and stake conference we had on saturday and sunday.  Which were really good conferences.  I love listening and being with my mission president.  He's super wonderful.  A normal day would go as the following: Wake up at 6:30, write in my journal for the last day (i find it easier to do in the morning because at night I just want to get to bed), then make breakfast, then shower and get ready for the day.  Then at 8:00 am we start our personal studies, 9 is companionship studies, 10 is language study, then normaly at 11 we start the proselyting, 1:00 pm is lunch, then from 2 pm to 6 is proselyting, 6 to 7 is dinner, then 7 to 9 or 9:30 pm is more working.  9:30 to 10 is planning for the next day, then I go to bed.  That's a normal day for me!  
I love you too! 

Elder Eastman

Monday, September 14, 2015

Shouting From the Rooftops and An Ecuadorian Delicacy

Hey Mom,  I'm a bit sick today but it's ok.  I just have a runny nose and a headache.  Elder Chavez has been good this week.  He has a really good desire to have success and to fulfill his responsibility as a missionary.  He is also obedient.  He's a convert and has been in the Church for 7 years.  He doesnt really speak any english right now.  
Well the Jello was for the last district meeting of the change, also the last one for an elder in the mission (he finished his mission).  So we just thought it would be cool to make something for that.  Someone else bought that cake.  We bought the jello here.  We had to buy flavorless jello and blue food coloring to make the blue jello.  They dont sell blue jello here.  We also bought coconut flavoring stuff for the blue jello.  That part tasted gross but the rest of it was good.  
Lately I have been learning how to be more patient.  Alot of our investigators that we have right now just dont want to progress.  And it's been hard to find new investigators.  So I'm trying to be patient and keep being obedient and working hard.  I know that God will always bless us with the things we need if we just do our part.  I also know that we have weaknesses so that we become more humble and more dependent on the Lord.  I know that God helps us make our weaknesses into strengths if we search for his help.  I know the Book of Mormon is true and helps us grow closer to God than any other book ever writen.  I'm not really sure what I would shout from the rooftops.  Maybe something like "Stop folowing the false traditions of your fathers and just listen to us!"  If everyone did that here just about all of Ecuador would get baptised.  
So yesterday I got to eat Guinea Pig for the first time.  It was an interesting flavor but still pretty good.  It was served with potatoes with sauce on them.  It was a bit dificult to eat and very messy.  My piece had a little foot on it.  I'm glad I finaly got to eat some Ecuadorian Guinea Pig.  
I love you too Mom!

Elder Eastman

Hello Dad.  I'm doing pretty good.  I'm a bit sick right now with a runny nose and a headache, but it's no big deal.  I do think that things are going well here.  Mainly because I have been really focusing on reading the Book of Mormon lately.  I'm always excited to read more every morning and I feel happy while I read it.  I just got to 3 Nephi 11 where Jesus Chirst comes to the Americas.  I'm really excited to read and study the ministry of Jesus Christ here in the Americas.  Feeling this happiness while reading the Book of Mormon makes me more excited to share with with other people.  It's still hard sometimes to not get discouraged when things arent going very well with the people we teach but I know that we just need to keep doing our part, like you said, and keep being obedient.  If we do this the Lord will always do His part.
Well I hope you have a great day too!  I love you too!

Elder Eastman

Monday, September 7, 2015

New Comp From Peru

Hello my Mother!  I sure am doing good here in Ambato!  Today I got a new companion named Elder Chavez.  He's from Peru and has 4 and a half months in the mission.  He's a cool guy.  I'll send you a picture of me and him.  Elder Aguirre went to a place called El Carmen.  It's on the coast.  
Yeah the F. Durán has been having marital problems.  It's a rollercoaster with them.  Some days they seem super happy without fighting, but then the next day they're yelling at each other and thinking about separating.  It's tough with them.  And they havnt come to church for about a month.  We're not really sure what else we can do to try and help them.  The Gosple is the best thing that we have to help people, but if they dont want to live it then there's not much more we can do.  So we'll see what happens with them.  Anna Belen hasnt come to church yet.  We havnt been able to visit her for a while either.  She keeps saying she is out of town.  We havnt been able to teach the majority of the references we have gotten, due to problems with not being home and problems in the family (like the death of a daughter).  Hopefully we will be able to teach them soon.  We were about to teach one girl named Araseli though.  She came to church two weeks ago by invitation from a friend.  Although she didnt come to church this week.  But she seems like a pretty good investigator.  Her parents dont want to investigate though.  
I already got the retainer put back it.  It was cemented down on every tooth it covers, which is kind of annoying, but it shouldnt be coming out again.  
Well I think that is it for now!
I sure do love you too mom!

Elder Eastman

This is me and my companion.  Also me and a member mixing cement on a roof.

Hey Dad!  I'm doing really good.  I cant really remember much of the holidays here.  But I do remember Carnival (where everyone throughs water and eggs at each other).  I really dont like that holiday very much.  Christmas and Easter are here too.  Halloween isnt.  Day of the Dead is just a day for remembering the people who have died in your family.  They eat the favorite food of those people and visit their grave sites.  Also dressing up and going crazy.  I learned that from Elder Aguirre.
For some reason I have been hearing alot more opposition about Joseph Smith than I ever have before.  We contacted one guy last week who just wanted to fight with us about that stuff, trying to prove us wrong.  But we just tried to say stuff like that, well we do know that he was a prophet of God, ect.  
I have been getting to like more foods here too.  Like tomatoes and onions.   Well I still dont love those things but I'm ok with eating them.  People use them alot here in their food.  
Today we had changes.  Elder Aguirre left and I got a new companion named Elder Chavez.  He's from Peru and a pretty cool guy!  He has 4 and half months in the mission.  
Fruit juices are really common here, and really good.  And it's pretty much just that or soda to drink here.  
Well I love you too!  

Elder Eastman
PS: Ok ;)

Elder Aguirre and I made this Ecuador themed jello.  

Us missionaries and our ward mission leader named Hno. Arcos. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Half Way Point...Just A Normal Day

Hi Dad!  Im doing really good.  We dont really have a name for it here.  It's just the one year mark.  It was a just a normal day for me.  I didnt do anything special.  The time has definitely gone by super fast.  It's crazy that it's already half way over.  I do feel good about my work so far, but I would definitely want this next year to be even better.  
Yay! Good job for practicing more spanish.  I do feel pretty comfortable with spanish now.  But there's still alot of progress I can make.  Yeah I think I do remember a few segments of dreams that have been in spanish.  
I love you too!

Elder Eastman

Hello Mother!  Yay thanks for the envelope!  I havnt had them (his suits) dry cleaned yet.  But maybe I will soon.  My cleaning habits are pretty good.  Our house is normaly pretty clean.  I could probably get better at washing the dishes right after I use them.  Sometimes they stay in the sink for a little while.
The Familia Durán is doing better in their relationship.  But we havnt been able to visit them this week becuase they havnt been home or answering their phone.  They didnt come to church this week either.  It's been a while since they have come to church.  Hopefully theyll start progressing again.  We have been really trying to figure out what we could do to help them progress more.  It hasnt been a very easy process working with them.  But we are going to keep trying.  
We have also been working with a single mom named Anna Belen.  She was a reference from a less active lady who is coming back to church.  Unfortunatly she hasnt come to church yet after two weeks or working with her.  
Right now we are really trying to get more investigators.  On Sunday we got quite a few good references.  So hopefully this next week I'll be able to tell you guys about some new investigators.  
I think one of the best parts of being a missionary this week was just being able to study the scriptures every morning.  Like I have said, I've been focusing on the Book of Mormon lately.  I have really been enjoying reading it.  Right now i'm reading about the wars with Captain Moroni between the Nephites and the Lamanites.  It's been really great reading them and applying those things in our lives.  Like with what Moroni does to protect his people from his enemies.  
My spanish is progressing pretty well.  It's kind of hard though to keep progressing.  Sometimes I just feel alright with what I already have and I dont want to study very much more.  But I know it can progress alot more.  So i'm going to keep working on it.  
Lately I have been trying to help the people we teach really understand the things we teach.  So I have also been studying that in Preach my Gospel lately.  It's really important that the people actually understand the message.  Sometimes we just want to spill all of our knowledge onto them all at once.  But we really just need to take it easy and help them more with the basic things of the gospel, like what they need to do and why.  Then when they understand those things they are more likely to progress more.  
Yep I did get that super cool sound card.  I think I did get some cards from Grandparents too.  
Well thats just about it for now!  Have a great week everyone!

Elder Eastman

We went bowling today as a district!

Monday, August 24, 2015

The End Goal In Mind (and not just to the top of Chimborazo)

Hey Dad!  I'm doing really good!  Sorry I wasnt able to write you guys very much last week!  This is what happened.  For a zone activity we went to a volcano called Chimborazo.  It's more down south from Ambato.  We left Ambato around 10:00 am.  So we took a bus down there, went to Chimborazo and it was all super cool.  Then we got back to the main road were all the buses pass around 1 pm, and we just expected to stop a bus going to Ambato and take that.  But none of the buses were stopping.  Eventually a bus that was going in the opposite direction to a city called Guaranda stopped for us.  So we just got on that.  Guaranda is the furthest city to the south of our mission.  Then when we got to the terminal in Guaranda we just took a bus from there to Ambato.  Then when we finally got back to Ambato it was already 7:00.  So our time to write had already passed.  When I wrote that little message we were in Guaranda waiting for the bus.  So that's what happened last week.   
That's super cool that you and you brothers got second place in that gold tournament!  Haha I really like that outfit of Luke.  Oh and a few days ago I got that letter from you guys with those drawings from your primary kids.  I really liked it.  There were some pretty awesome drawings in there! 

These pics our from our adventures at Chimborazo

It was really windy and really really cold here.  I think the top of Chimborazo is the furthest point from surface of the earth to the center of the earth in the world.  Im not exactly sure but someone told me that.  

Well that's just about it!  I love you too Dad!

Elder Eastman

Hey Mom!  Haha well I'll try and write a bit more this week.  I'm really sorry I wasnt able to write much last week.  I explained to Dad why I wasnt able to.  It's kind of a long story.  No I cant see the ash from Cotopaxi.  It's been a bit cloudy lately and living in the city in a flat sector makes it so I cant really see the mountains very well.  But yes Cotopaxi is kind of exploding now.  Well it erruped a bit last week and that made everyone in Latacunga (a city close to Cotopaxi also in my zone) go crazy.  The missionaries are still there though.  But after that small erruption it calmed back down.  Which could mean that nothing more will happen or that it will explode again very violently.  If that happens Latacunga and a part of Quito called Los Chillos will pretty much get completly destroyed.  So that's pretty exciting!
Wow that's crazy that Emma is going into High School tomorrow!  It feels like school just ended like a few weeks ago.  
Well I've got some bummer news.  A little over a week ago my retainer on my bottom teeth broke.  Well it just broke off on one side.  I havn't had time to go and fix it yet.  And today the other side broke off too.  So it's not in my mouth any more.  Hopefully I'll get some time soon to put it back it.  It should only cost about $20.  That's it for the bummer news.  
So last week Elder Waddell from the Seventy came to talk to us.  It was a pretty amazing experience.  The Spirit was strong and I learned alot.  One of the favorite things that I learned was when he was talking a bit about the Priesthood.  He said that the greatest and most important purpose of the Priesthood is to create eternal families.  Which is really true when you think about it.  All the things that we do in this church using the Priesthood helps us to get to the Temple.  Like baptism, recieving the Holy Ghost, taking the Sacrament, giving and receiving blessings, and actually sealing a family is all done to help us along the path to the Temple and create an eternal family.  He also talked about getting converts not just baptisms, becuase baptism without later going to the Temple is pretty much worth nothing.  Baptism shouldnt be the final goal for us or for an investigator, it should be going to the Temple to make and eternal family.  So I really liked that.  It's helping me work more with the end goal in mind, which is what we should always be doing as missionaries.  
Thanks a bunch mom for those lyrics!  I really really like it.  
So I have been kind of wanting lately that grey Calvin Klein sweater that I have at home because I've been looking for a grey sweater here but I havnt found a good one.  So I was wondering if you could include that in the envelope if it isnt too big of a hassel.  
Well that's it for now!  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Elder Eastman

Monday, August 17, 2015

Too Busy On P-Day

Hey mom!  So we're kinda really short on time today for writing.  But we might have a bit time in a little while to write some more.  So hopefully we will.  But if we dont then I'm sorry I couldnt write much and I'll write next week.  But I'm doing really good and everything. 

Elder Eastman

Monday, August 10, 2015

Spiritual Impressions and Some Fish Soup

Hey Mom!  I'm doing really good!  Life in Ambato has been great!  I love the weather here and being in the city is nice.  Keep woking hard with that new calling of yours!  I always love reading Alma 26:12.  It's a good scripture to remember when we are doing hard things.  
This week my testimony grew the most about spiritual impressions, praying and fasting.  So last friday night our last cita around 8:30 fell.  We didnt really know what to do.  So we were kinda just walking down the road.  Then i felt like we should go the the Flia. Durán (Toapanta) and the thought that they might be having relationship problems also came into my head.  I didnt really pay much attention to it for a little while.  But then I got a second, and even stronger impression where the words, "Get to the Flia. Durán" came into my head.  So that made me think a bit more about going there.  We can only visit this family on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.  So going there on a Friday isn't something we would normaly do.  I then asked the question, do we need to go there? in a little prayer in my head.  Then I felt good about it so I was set on going there.  The image came into my head of Luis (the dad) praying for us to come over.  We got there and Luis answered the door.  He came out crying and told us to come in.  So we came in and he told us that his wife had just left him and went to go live with her parents.  He told us that he had been hoping that someone would come over to help him, and that right after that we knocked on the door.  He said how his family means everything to him and that he wants more than anything for his wife and kids to come back.  So we then tried to help him the best that we could.  The next few days were filled with prayers to help him and his wife and that they might get back together.  Also on Saturday and Sunday I fasted for those same things (it was a planned fast as a zone to help with our goal but i decided to include them in it as well).  On Sunday Luis came to church but Gabriela (the wife) didnt.  Then we visited him again that afternoon.  To our astonishment Gabriela was also there with him in their house.  That made us super super happy and Luis seemed about 1,000x happier than what he was before.  During the lesson they both shared with us their desires to get better and fix the relationship issues they are having.  This was a wonderful experience this week and I definitly learned alot from it.  
Oh darn that is a big bummer that the package (for Chelsea) hasnt gotten there.  Hopefully it'll get there eventualy.  Maybe I'll just send something again. 
I do like that pillow case alot.  The socks were a bit big but I'm sure i could just dry them in a dryer and theyll shrink a bit.  
Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Elder Eastman

Picture:  This is called Encebollado.  It's a fish soup that we had for lunch today at a members house.  It's pretty good.

Encebollado (Spanishcooked with onions) is a fish stew from Ecuador, regarded as a national dish. It is served with boiled cassava and pickled red onion rings. A dressing of onion is prepared with fresh tomato and spices such as pepper or coriander leaves. It is commonly prepared with albacore, but also tunabillfish, or bonito. It may be served with ripe avocado.
This dish, is usually served with banana chips, plantains, popcorn, or bread as side dishes; it is sold by peddlers either as breakfast, a mid-morning snack, or for lunch. It may be garnished with lime juice and chili sauce.
Hey my Father!  I'm doing super great!  That's good that you're running more now!  I would like to get back in shape like i was during XC and Track.  But there really just isnt much time to be able to do it.  I think I'll start running again when I get back though.  I set up a little mini gym in my house here.  It consists of a bench with a bar with water jugs on the ends for benching, another wooden stick (from a broom) with a bit less weight on each end for curling, and a couple of other water jugs for doing things that would normaly be done with one of those heavy ball things (a medicine ball?).  I also do some various ab workout stuff.  It's a pretty sweet system but it's not really enough to really be in shape.  And the time in the morning isnt really enough.  
That is a really good story in the Bible.  I'll definitely study it this week.  Right now I'm in Alma 28 or somewhere around there.  I just finished reading about the Anti-Nephi-Lehites and the sons of Mosiah.  I really like the stories about the Sons of Mosiah.  Especially how they at first had alot of hardships and not a whole lot of success, but when they kept trying they ended up having tons of success.  There was alot of things that I found that I can apply in my life as a missionary, also there's alot of things that everyone can apply to their own lives.  The stories about Alma, Alma and Amulek, and the Sons of Mosiah have alot of examples of how to be good missionaries.  So I really like those things that I've been studying.  
I love you too!

Elder Eastman

Monday, August 3, 2015

"Just Follow It and Do It Quickly"

Hey Mom!  Dont worry about last week.  It's no big deal.  Thanks for those points from Elder Ballards talk (on living a balanced life because that is what I, Kim, studied this week)!  I really like them.  
Wow that's crazy that Jeremy (from Top Gear) got fired!  But that's good that theyre making a new show.  
Teaching this week with new investigators was pretty good!  We were blessed this week with a few new investigators that could progress.  The best news for this week is about a family that we recently found named the Familia Toapanta.  This family consists of a husband named Luis, the wife named Gabriela, and two young children, a boy and a girl.  Luis and Gabriela have been having a few relationship problems, but they have told us of the desires that they have to get better.  This sunday they came to church for the first time.  They said they really liked it.  It always makes me happy to have investigators in church.  It's even more special when it's their first time though.  After church we visited them with a recent convert family named the Familia Arcos.  The dad from that family is also our ward mission leader.  We talked about the importance of the family and also about Temples.  The lesson went really well and the F. Toapanta is excited to be able to recieve the blessing that come from the Temples.  So the F. Toapanta is a super wonderful family.  I'm really glad that we found them.  
God has blessed me recently by helping me stay more diligent.  Also by helping my companion be diligent (which then helps me more to be even more diligent).  
Well I gotta go now!  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Elder Eastman

Hello Father!  I'm doing really good.  No we dont normaly get time for naps.  Exept on p-day if we have some extra time.  But there normally isnt any extra time.  I would definitely love to have a bit of nap time every day right after lunch.  Because during that time i'm super tired and feel like i dont have any energy.  But nope we have to get to work.  Yeah there are a few senior couple missionaries.  But they're all in the offices in Quito.  So we dont get much contact with them.  
Oh wow that's crazy about the Boy Scouts.  Why would they do something like that?  That's a bit sad too that Boy Scouts might not be in the Church any more.  
I dont really know exactly what they do here but I'm pretty sure they're doing Duty to God.  
I talked about that idea (going on home teaching visits with members) with my companion but we are still working on getting it going.  
Lately I've been really focusing my studies in the Book of Mormon.  I'm trying to read the whole Book of Mormon all the way through in Spanish now.  Right now I'm in Alma 13.  I've been really enjoying just getting to know the people and stories better.  I especially liked the part ( in Alma 8) when Alma the younger left the city of Ammonihah (i dont know how to spell it in english) after being rejected, but then an angel comes to him and tells him to go back to the city.  Then it says that Alma speedely retured to the city.  He then finds Amulek (his future preaching companion).  I like how Alma didnt hesitate to go back.  Or complain about going back to the city that just rejected him.  He just did what the angel told him to do and did it quickly.  So I think that's what we need to do when we get Spiritual impressions.  Just follow it and do it quickly.  It can be hard sometimes but it'll be worth it.  Just like how Alma found Amulek becuase he decided to follow the command he got.  So that's a bit about what I've been studying.  
I love you too!

Elder Eastman

Monday, July 27, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños, Elder Eastman!

Hey Dad!  Things are going really good.  The Spanish is going pretty good.  Some new words that I have recently learned include, ira, which means wrath and envejecer, which pretty much means to get old.  I'm sure there are more words but I cant think of any more specific ones.  Contacting in the streets is a bit difficult for me.  Alot of people dont want to stop to listen to us.  Most people do stop but it's always uncomfortable for me to try and get them to stop.  I like contacting doors more.  But it's always good to do a bit of both and get good at both.  
That's pretty sweet that you got to help clean the temple.  I also really like those scriptures in Romans 6.  It's always really interesting to think about the consept of the law, the mercy and the justice.  It really gives more meaning or purpose to the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  I also really like verses 22 and 23 because only through Him and His Atonement can we recieve Eternal Life.  Thanks for sharing those scriptures with me!  I'm going to study them a bit more in the coming days.  
Well I love you too and hope you have a great week!

Elder Eastman

Well it's just about time for me to get off the computer.  I havnt gotten an email from you yet.  I'm sure you've already sent me one but i just havent gotten it for some reason.  But I'll just say that this past week was a pretty good week.  We were able to find quite a few good investigators.  Unfortunately none of them were able to come to church.  But we'll see what happens with them this week.  We got our changes yesterday but Elder Aguirre and I are both staying here.  My birthday on saturday was wonderful.  The other missionaries in my district came over to my house in the morning to throw me a little party.  I also opened up the package you sent me.  Thank you very very much for it!  I liked it alot.  A nice member lady also made me a very delicious chocolate cake.  So it was a good birthday.   
Well I gotta go!  I hope everyone has a great week! 

Elder Eastman

(I got set apart on Sunday afternoon as the relief society president of a newly realigned ward.  I had a lot on my plate Monday morning.  I went to the computer to write Josh, but I must have gotten distracted.  I let my stresses of the day make me forget about my son, and I feel horrible about that.  I didn't think about him again until Matt came home from work  at 5:00 and asked if I had read Josh's emails that had just come through.  I ran up to the computer and sent off a quick email asking him if he was still there at the computer.  I was ten minutes too late.  Man, I felt horrible.  I went ahead and wrote him a nice email and apologized for my epic fail.  Never again will I allow that to happen.  That was my first and last missed email!)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Johanna's and Tarquino's Baptisms

Hi Dad!  
I'm doing really good.  The weather here is really good too.  It doesnt rain a whole lot and most of the time it's nice and sunny.  I've been here for a month and a week.  We have changes this Sunday.  There's pretty much a 100% chance that I'm going to stay here.  
That's a really cool idea about happiness and success.  I really like it.  I think that's definitely true that success comes because of happiness.  And that can be applied very well to missionary work.  It sometimes is alot easier to look at all the negative things, but it's definitely better to focus on the positive things.  That's probably something that I could apply more in my life as a missionary.  
I love you too!
Elder Eastman

How many wards are now in your stake?  My mission president just asked me that.  Last week i told him that your ward split so that's why he is asking me that.  
(His mission president is also from South Jordan. Nine wards is the answer.)

Hi Mom! 
Yay it's my birthday on Saturday!  Luckly I got the package and your letter.  I'll open it on Saturday.  The Familia Pasmiño (if you remember them from Manantial) also sent me a little gift too.  I already opened that one.  It was a cool and colorful shoulder bag that says Ecuador on it.  So that was really nice of them.  
Well that's super cool that you got called as the Relief Society President!  I'm sure you'll do wonderfully with that calling.  Just remember 1 Nephi 3:7.  God doesnt command us to do anything that we arent capable of doing and without help from heaven. 
Wow that's pretty crazy that Ryan Ball had to go to the Philippines.  That would be tough with knowing absolutley nothing of Tagalog.  It would be a really cool experience though.  
Well this week Tarquino and Johanna got baptised.  Elder Aguirre got to baptise Tarquino and Johanna got baptised by her dad.  It was a really good experience too.  They both shared great testimonies at the end.  Then on Sunday I got the wonderful opportunity to confirm Tarquino.  That was something I had never done before.  So I was a bit nervous before, but it all went well.  That was also a really cool and spiritual experience.  I'll send you the pictures from the baptisms.  
Well that's just about it for this week!  I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Eastman