A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, November 2, 2015

No Marriage No Baptism

Hey Mom!  Well I'm feeling a bit sick again so I'm sorry if this email isnt the greatest.  Ill try my best to write a good email though.  
Well that sure is a pretty impressive hand made costume!  People dont do anything here for Halloween.  
The church here in La Concordia is pretty strong.  It's a ward here.  There is a normal attendence of aroung 150 people.  Right now the church building is being renovated and they're adding on a whole new section.  So the church is definitely advancing forward here.  The people here are pretty receptive and we have a pretty good amount of investigators.  The dificulty here is that there's not very many poeple who are actually married.  There's alot of men and woman here living together with their kids who arent legaly married.  And the couples that are living together need to be married by the law in order to get baptised.  So alot of the investigators that we have arent able to progress because they arent married and dont really have the motivation necesary to get married.  It's cheaper and easier to separate when you're not legaly married here.  We have a family that we are teaching right now named the Familia Solorsano.  The kids are already baptised but the parents arent becuase they're not married.  The mom also has problems with her records that the government has.  So she has to fix those problems before they can get married.  So that's the deal with our investigators right now.  We're really trying to find some new investigators right now that actually have the ability to progress.  It's pretty tough but with the help of the Lord I know that we'll find success.  
My comps name is Elder Caballero.  I'll include a pic of him this time.  
Good news!  I finaly got that package that Chelsea sent me with the ties and the sweater.  Thanks a bunch for all of that!  I really like the sweater but while I'm here I wont be able to use it.  
Well thanks for being such a good mom!  I love you!

Elder Eastman

Enjoy the photo of my comp and of me at my desk

PS, This week someone broke into our house and robbed a bit of our money.  But dont worry to much we are ok.  We are just trying to figure out who it was.  We are also looking for a new house to move into now.  They just took $20 from me and $80 from my comp. 

Well I gotta go!  Bye!

Elder Eastman not feeling well

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