A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, November 17, 2014

Adios Villa Flora! Hola Guamani!

Hello Family!
I got a backpack becuase my mission president allows them and yes the shoulder bad really hurt my shoulder after carrying it for a while. 
Thanks for that picture of NXN!  Thats super awsome that it snowed that much recently!  I kinda miss that race and XC. 
Well thats a bit of a bummer about the package!  Its alright though!  I really want to get some cool Ecuadorian stuff to send back to you guys.  So ill try and find some stuff so i can send it soon. 
I dont really have a way to listen to music.  But i have been ok just listening to other elders music.  Alot of elders have little speakers with music on a flash drive or something like that.  No we didnt get to teach Libertad this week.  I think she might not have been in town of something like that.  And the Familia Oña (bread family) werent really progressing well.  I think their desire just wasnt there yet.  So we kind of stopped teaching them.  But hopefully in the future they decide to progress and get baptised.  Unfortunately me and Elder Peters didnt get any baptisms this change.  But we definitley worked hard and tried our best. 
So this Sunday we got the news on if we would be transfered or not.  Me and Elder Peters thought for sure that we would be staying together in Villa Flora to finish my training.  But nope!  I got moved down to a place called Guamani which is still part of Quito but in the very south part of Quito.  And Elder Peters got made the zone leader of the zone that i am now in! So that was a bit sad but itll still be good!  I definitely miss Villa Flora!  That was a super great place with an super great ward.  The experiences i had there were really awsome.  But i know that i will have good experiences here in Guamani too!  We got this news pretty late last night.  So i had to stay up pretty late packing everything.  So i didnt get to bed until around 11:30 and then i didnt fall asleep untill around 1.  So Im pretty tired today.  My new companions name is Elder Bryce.  He just finished his training.  And is now training me.  So thatll be interesting!  But so far he seems like a good missionary.  His spanish is pretty decent.  But definitely has alot more to learn like me.  He is from Pheonix.  Right now i dont have any pictures of him.  Guamani is an ok place so far.  Im sure ill really grow to love it just like i did with Villa Flora.  Becuase at first in Villa Flora i wasnt really sure how i felt about it either.  This place is so much more quite than Villa Flora.  There isnt tons of big buses that always spit out a bunch of smoke, there is alot less people out in the streets, and there is alot more undeveloped land.  So we will see how it goes here!  I think itll be a good change with some good success. 
Elder Eastman

Here is a cool pic of the Panacillo and a cool volcano here called Cotopaxi.  Its to the very left and covered in snow.

This is me and my now old district and part of the Familia Jimenez who are recent converts.

This is me and an hermano named Brian Moreta and his family.  He went with us to a couple of lessons and is a really good member. 

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