A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, November 3, 2014

Finally! Cow Stomach...Then Upset Stomach

Hello Family!

Ya pretty sure we dont have any time changes here.  Also something else about being on the equator is a little while ago i noticed that the shape of the moon when its not a full moon is horizontal.  Im pretty sure its not like that in the states.  So thats kinda cool i guess.  

We send our emails from one of the millions of internet cafe things there are here.  The Familia Oña couldnt come to church again this week but they said they will try for next week.  So hopefully that will be able to happen.  And none of our other investigators were able to make it to church yesterday either.  So that was a bit of a bummer.  Juan Carlos and another less active we have been teaching named Barbara have been coming to church lately.  So thats good!  

Yes ive been using those rain jackets.  My shoes are holding up good.  I dont think i have to put more of that stuff on right now but i probably should soon.  

Well i could always use more ties!  And some good american food would be nice.  Like maybe some top ramen, milk duds, other good stuff like that.  I cant really think of anything else.  

Well some things that have happend here this past week.  On tuesday i got the wonderful opportunity to eat some cow stomach!  Which is the second worst thing ive ever eaten.  Then the next day i got to eat some liver!  This was actually quite good.  And i didnt know it was liver untill i was told what it was half way through eating it.  Then after fasting yesterday i got pretty sick with what we think is some type of food poisoning.  From about 3ish to about 10 at night i threw up 5 times and had diarrhea twice.  Definitely not very fun.  Today i feel better though.  Except i have to be on an all liquid diet today so i dont have very much energy and im quite hungery.  Other than the cow stomach and the sickness this week has been great!  

So i took some more pictures this week so ill try and send them.  

Hello Father!

Things here are pretty good!  This fast sunday was pretty tough for me.  The hunger and tiredness was super hard and then after i got to eat a little food i got pretty sick.  First i ate a pack of ritz crackers and a piece of bread.  Then i started feeling really bad and couldnt eat dinner.  Then i had diarrhea.  Then when i got home i threw up.  So i had to stay home and rest.  That was only supposed to be for an hour but after about an hour i threw up again.  In total i threw up 5 times.  So i ended up staying in bed the whole rest of the day.  We called the missionary nurses and they said they think i got some type of food poisoning from the food i ate before i started fasting.  And since i was fasting the effects didnt come until later when i had some food in me.  Luckily today i feel quite alot better.  Except i have to be on an all liquid diet for today so i dont really have any energy.  

A picture of Quito

 Our zone got to play some fútbol here today.  

This me and Elder Cháves who is from Guayaquil.

Me and my companion Elder Peters

 Me and a guagua.  Which is pronounced wahwah.  Guaguas (bread children) are this traditional pastry they have here for this holiday that i don't know the name of.  We buy them pretty much every day because they are fantastic.  Except now the holiday is over so they're not making them now.  (I found out from his friend in the Quito North Mission that the holiday is called Día de Difuntos)

 Me making guaguas at the Oñas paneria

This is where we teach our lessons with this family. 

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