A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, October 27, 2014

Lesson In A Paneria

Hello Family!

This week was pretty good!  Nothing to crazy exciting but still good!  The not so good parts of this week were that the appointments with both Mirian and William fell and they both werent able to come to church this week.  So thats been kind of a bummer.  Hopefully we will be able to start teaching them again soon!

The best parts of this week however is that we have been able to find a few more people to teach!  Last sunday me and my companion fasted that we would be able to find some new investigators and this week we found some really good ones!  So thats a little testimony builder on the power of fasting!  So first a few days ago we decided to go buy some pan at one of the many panerias that there are here.  We do this quite often because the pan here is sooooo good!  But anyways we go into this paneria, buy some stuff and then we decide to contact this guy running the store.  His name is Marcos and is a super nice guy.  We ask him if we can come back and share a message with him and he said yea and you can come back later today too! Then later that day we come back and share a lesson with him and even the rest of his family in the back of their little paneria.  Their name is the Familia Oña.  It was a tight squeeze to get eveyone in there and it was quite messy but it was a super great lesson about the Restoration.  They really liked it and even accepted our baptismal invitation!  The only bummer this is that they work literily all day every day so they werent able to come to church this week.  When we visited them after church this sunday Marcos (the father) told us that he starting working at 3 am that day and hadnt stopped working.  I was really surprised about that.  They said they want to come to church though so thats good! 

The other success of this week is that we got to keep teaching this lady we contacted a little while back named Yolanda.  And this time her daughter (Sylvia) and this other lady were there too.  I think they actually all just live in the same house.  This lesson we taught about the Plan of Salvation and they all really liked that.  And turns out they have quite alot of family members that have died so that helped them like this even more.  Then at the end they accepted our baptismal invitation!  And then later this saturday we had a baptism of one of the investigators of some other missionaries in my district and we invited them to come and they did!  The next day on sunday we went over to their house to pick them up for church but for some reason they werent there.  So we went to church hoping that is where they went but they werent there.  Then right as sacrament meeting was starting Yolanda and Sylvia walked in!  So that made us really happy!  Im pretty sure they stayed for the whole thing too!  Or at least the first two hours.  

And thats pretty much the best things that have happened this week!

For p days we first do our laundry at this members house.  His name is Juan Carlos and is less active but actually came to church this week.  We never use a dryer though (a) because he doesnt have one and (b) becasue we dont want to pay for one.  So we just hang up all our clothes to dry after we wash them.  Then we either go play some fútbol with the other elders in our zone or just clean our house and then go to this mall thing to do some grocery shopping.  Today I bought some ritz crackers, some animal crackers, some yogurt, and a loaf of bread.  For breakfast i normaly just eat a couple pieces of toast (toasted on a pan because we dont have a toaster) with some jam that i bought last week.  But this week ill be also eating some yogurt to go along with that.  Then today we took a nap for about an hour.  Then we came here to email!  Also today, about an hour ago, we had probably the biggest thunder storm ive been in while being here.  The lightning was super close to us so the thunder was incredibly loud and car alarms would go off after just about every one.  And the rain was super crazy hard with a bit of hail in there too.  My legs got super wet.  So that was fun!  Then after this we are going to buy some super good pizza if they have it.  Sometimes they dont have any made or its just not open.  Then we are going to go out, teach some good lessons and find more people to teach!  And that is our p days.  I like p days.  We havent done any field trips yet but i think next week we will be going up that gondala thing that we saw that one travel tv lady go up.  

Well that makes me super happy to know that MVXC has been doing pretty great!  I definitely miss XC.  

Im pretty sure i can get ziploc bags here.  But most of the food so far has been really good.  Pig skin is really the only terrible thing ive been fed so far.  

Just a little side note.  Ive heard that alot of packages people send to countries in south america will get broken into.  And if you put stickers of the virgin marry all over the package it wont get ripped open.  So maybe you could try that when ever you send a package.  

Well that is pretty much everything for this week!  Have a good life everyone!

Elder Eastman

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