A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Week 5 MTC

Hello family!

It's been super cold here lately too!  The little bit of snow in the mountains is super awesome.  

I got that pic of christian.  It's pretty awesome.  I'm not sure if my mission boundaries goes of the actual equator.  But if it does i definitely want to do that!  Sorry I haven't sent much pictures!  I just haven't taken much here.  And i dont have my camera right now so ill just have to send some more later.  And that picture I did send awhile ago wasn't actually of my district.  Sorry i didn't tell you that when i sent it.  it was of me and my companion and the other district in my zone that got here a few weeks before we did.  They were a really cool district.  We're taking pictures with our teachers today and yesterday so ill send you those when i can.  

So I got some good news!  I guess my visa did come so i'm going straight to Ecuador!  I'm leaving here on monday at 4:35 am.  First we're flying to atlanta and then to Ecuador.  I think we get to Ecuador around 10:30 pm.  So I'm super excited for that!  And i guess i get to call you before I get on the plane so be expecting that!  I'm not sure how it'll be possible to make everything less than 50 pounds so maybe you should make sure that ill have enough money on my card.  I think the over weight charges are like $150 per bag.   and even more if its alot over 50 pounds.  Ill try really hard to make it under 50 though.  

I'm very excited for General Conference too!  Also i'm singing second tenor in the choir.  And i think ill be on the left side of the middle section in the stands.  Pretty sure that's when you're looking at it on tv.  So technically ill be on the right middle section.  Choir practice has been super fun!  Except one of the songs (rise up oh men of god) has an incredibly high note so that's a bit difficult!  They say the camera people try to get a pretty close up shot of every missionary so It's very likely that you'll see me (father).

Well I gots to go now!  have a good week!

Elder Eastman  

Hey father! 

So i have no more time to email.  But i wanted to write something really fast.  Everthing has been going great here.  im super excited to leave here though and get to ecuador!  I got my visa so thats good!  Im singing second tenor and will be in the middle left section.  I explained that more in the other email.  I really liked your spanish letter and actually understood a good amount of it!  ill try and write one back tonight.  

well gotta go!

Con amor tambien, 
Su hijo, Elder Eastman

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