A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, October 20, 2014

Working On Spanish and Piles of Food

Hello father! 

Things down here are going pretty good!  My companion is really nice and a great teacher.  He is also our district leader.  He always makes sure that we are doing the right things.  And always willing to help with spanish.  

Im trying to teach as much as I can but it can be really hard sometimes.  I rarely can understand what a scripture says so i just have to find roughly what its about through picking out words i do know and what others say about it.  So it can be pretty hard to explain scriptures well.  And then i would say about 90% of the time when people say something to me I cant understand it.  And then i feel really awkward when i cant respond and have to look to my companion to know what they said.  Its really hard sometimes to not get super frustrated.  And alot of the time I think of how easy it would be just to be able to teach and talk to people in english.  But i try not to think about that because i know there is nothing i can do to change it except keep working hard on spanish and know that i will eventually be able to have good conversations with everyone here. 

Wow that is a really good story!  Sometimes if i want to pray for something i would think that that wouldnt be something that Heavenly Father would answer to and its a dumb thing to ask for so i just wont ask for it.  But this just shows that He really can bless us with anything if we have faith. 

Love you too!

Elder Eastman

Hello everyone!

This week was pretty good!  Spanish is still really hard and its hard sometimes not to get frustrated with not being able to understand people or say what you want to say.  Sometimes I wonder if ive even improved at all while being here.  But I definitely have.  I think sometimes i just compare myself to every one around me and feel like i should be alot better with my spanish than i am.  But i just have to remind myself that ive only been here for about 2 weeks and remember how very little spanish i knew before the mission and then i realize how much ive learned in the mtc and being here. 

So some of the cool things that happend today are these...

On thursday I got to eat some really interesting foods.  Both suprisingly really good and not suprisingly really bad.  For lunch me and my district ate at this familys house.  There name is the Familia Villacresis.  And theyre very nice people.  Our soup was a pretty normal soup with potatoes and some type of bean in it.  That was quite good! But then when i finished that and was waiting for our other plate I saw the mother slicing up this weird looking thing into squares that was thin, brown and floppy.  I had no clue what it was.  I thought to myself, oh no... is this cow stomach?  I was wrong.  I got the plate and what was on the plate was rice (of course. we litterly eat rice with every meal everyday except breakfast), a sausage with mayo on it (not what i would choose to put on it), regular everyday beans, and pig skin.  I very very very much did not want to eat pig skin.  But i had no choice.  And so far in my life pig skin is the worst thing ive ever eaten.  It has an absolutely horrible texture.  Its squshy, slimy and chewy and even just a little piece in my mouth makes me gag.  And just a little side note, when ever you dont finish even a little bit of the food people give you (which is always a ton) they get offended.  So you have to finish everything.  And this made me worried because i knew without doubt that i wouldnt be able to eat all of the pig skin they gave me.  So after i finished everthing except for the pig skin i waited for the oportunity when the mother and father werent looking to slip it way into the garbage.  And im pretty sure i successfully did this with out them seeing.  

Then later that day for dinner I was fed this plate of rice with a whole fish right on top.  So of course i thought to myself, oh no i hate fish, im definetly not going to enjoy this.  But then when i broke through the skin of the fish and ate a little piece of the meat i was very suprised at how good it was.  So that wasnt hard at all to finish.  And after the first few days here of huge meals ive gotten alot better at being able to finish all of it.  So thats good! 

Now moving on away from the food!  That same night we got to teach one of our investigators named Mirian and this other guy that we havnt really taught much named William.  I think William has just listened to parts of other lessons we have had with this family that made us this fish.  But this time we were for reals teaching him.  We taught a pretty good lesson about the Book of Mormon.  Then we invited mirian to get baptised on the 8th and also invited William to get baptised on the 8th.  And both of them accepted it!  So that made me really happy.  This sunday William came to church for the first time and even brought the rest of his family.  So maybe we could get the rest of his family to get baptized too!  Unfortunalty Mirian wasnt able to come to church this sunday for some reason.  But im super duper excited for the 8th!

And thats pretty much everything exciting that has happened this week.

Elder Eastman

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