A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, October 13, 2014

Elder Hombre del Este

Hey guys!  

Quito is such an awesome place!  It really does rain here every single day!  Exept for some reason it hasnt rained yet today.  But im sure it will eventually.  Aparently it hardly rains at all in the summer months though.  But i really really like it here.  Its quite dirty but still really pretty.  The streets can get pretty crazy steep so it can be quite the workout walking alot every day.  

Elder Peters is a fantastic companion! Hes been here for a year and his spanish is pretty great.  Hes really nice and really good missionary.  He is from utah.  I think park city.  But ya he is a really good companion.

Well thats kind of a bummer with the honda!

Church yesterday was pretty good!  I cant understand everything that people say so i didnt get a whole lot from it.  But still really good!  

So just some things about quito really quick!  The various breads and pastries they have here are sooo good!  The other food here is pretty good too.  One thing about the food that i wasnt expecting at all is this... So i knew they had soup ALOT here but i didnt know that one thing they really like to put in their soups is popcorn.  So that was a bit weird to have for the first time.  But its actually not horrible!  One thing that can be kind of horrible is the rediculous quantity of food people give you.  Last night this member family we eat with alot gave us this plate of rice with various meats mixed in it.  It was quite good but they fill the whole plate with it and then a good probably 5 inches above the plate.  And they get offended when you dont finish all the food.  So this is pretty difficult for me.  And we meet with members alot every day and every family we meet gives us a full meal.  

Yesterday we also got to teach this new investigator we just got named Mirian.  We had a really good lesson with her about the Restoration.  And i was actually able to say a good amount this time which felt really good because normaly i dont know how to say the things i want to say.  Or i just cant understand what is being talked about.  But ya i got to recite the first vision to her that i memorized in the mtc and say some more things about Joseph Smith and stuff like that.  She didnt quite accept our baptismal invitation we gave her this time but i really think she will soon.  

Ok it just started to rain which means its officially rained here every day since ive been here.  

Well im going to try to send a few pics now!  hopefuly they work

Love, Elder Hombre del Este

P.S. People here sometimes have a really hard time pronouncing Eastman so this is how we explain it sometimes

Some MTC Pics with Instructors and District

1st Apartment in Quito with Elder Peters

The Streets of Quito

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