A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, January 12, 2015

First Journal Filled!

Hello Everyone!

So i wish i would have remembered to say this earlier but i kept forgetting.  So im kind of almost done with that one journal that i have.  The brown one.  And i remember that we bought a brown and a black journal.  But the black one is nowhere to be found.  Maybe i left it in the mtc or just didnt bring it.  i dont know.  But i kinda need a new journal.  So do you think that you could get another black journal like the ones we bought before the mission and send it to me?  Or really any journal would be great if you cant find the same kind as i have now.  So sorry i didnt tell you that before you sent off this one.  

Oh man its quite hard to really know exactly what i just learned in spanish.  It kinda just gets better slowly without really being able to notice it.  But i think that my regular conversation skills have been getting a bit better lately.  Also ive gotten better at saying toilet paper in spanish.  Its papel higi√©nico. And speaking of toilet paper its really not that bad here.  I mean not nearly as good as it is in the states but its not bad.  Some are better than others though.  So the quality of it goes up with the price.  
This past week me and my comp were able to set up a pretty sweet weight set.  It just consist of a long stick with water jugs tied on each end and then a plank of wood raised off the ground a couple concrete blocks and some spanish books that we dont use.  It works really well.  So i guess that was one success that we had this week.  
Well contacting is still hard.  Because of the lack of people.  Door contacting seems to work better here though.  Also one family that we found a few days ago said they would come to church this sunday but never showed up.  So getting people to come to church is a bit hard sometimes.  
One thing that made me smile this week was when we got to teach our best investigator Hna. Teresa.  We talked to her just about the baptismal interview questions and she said was all good about them and still super willing to get baptised.  So im pretty excited for that!

Oh and also something cool about this week is that we found this new couple who are super cool.  The husband is straight from Nigeria, speaks pretty good english and good spanish too.  Along with his weird African language.  His english can be really hard to understand sometimes though becuase he has a thick african accent.  The wife is just from Ecuador.  Theyre really cool and pretty good investigators too.  They could really progress well.  The only think that might be really tough though is that they go to this african church here.  It might be hard to get him away from that.  

Well thats pretty much it for now!  

Elder Eastman

Dear Father,
Well that's super cool that you really like your new primary class!  I'm sure that it's really nice to get away from that crazy government stuff and back to the simple gosple truths.  And thats really how we try to teach most of the time.  Especially with new investigators.  With just simple terms and basic concepts.  
Thanks for that little thought about trust.  Thats definitely really interesting and important.  And ill definitely look up more about it.  
I love you too!

Elder Eastman

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