A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, January 19, 2015

Holding To The Rod

Hello Family!

Well I dont think that anything super interesting happened this week.  But it was still a pretty good week.  We are definitely getting better.  
A few days ago we were having a lesson with the Hna. Teresa.  And she told us that her brother (who is a part of the church Teresa used to be in) talked to her and kind of accused her about her dicision to get baptised in this church.  And that really made her not sure about being baptised anymore.  So we just talked about that for a while.  I told her that baptism is the right thing to be doing in her life and that she will recieve many great blessings because of it.  And that Satan doesnt want her to recieve these blessings.  So he is going to send more temptations because she is doing the right things.  I also talked about Lehi's Dream and the fog around the people and the people in the big building.  And we just have to keep holding onto the rod of iron.  So it's kind of interesting to see that as she gets closer to her baptism the more challenges she has to face.  But she had her baptismal interview a few days ago and shes still all good for baptism.  So i really think she will be able to do it.  She has alot of faith and knows that this is the right thing to do.  So im pretty excited for this saturday when she is going to get baptised.  
Well im pretty much out of time and dont have much more.  
Have a good week everyone!

Elder Eastman

Hello Dad!

Yes i did like that picture.  It was very nice!  Yep sometimes i do wish we had iPads.  But its alright.  Yeah i doodle quite alot!  
Thats cool youre getting more into running again!  And cool also about your primary class!  I really like that idea about how to think about commandments.  We teach that quite often.  
Things here are still doing good!  Still hard but still good.  The food has pretty much been the same for the most part.  A few days ago i got a soup with a mashed up hard boiled egg in it and popcorn.  I didnt like it at all.  But i guess its still better than having a chicken foot in it.  But nothing super weird lately.  Still just alot of chicken and rice.  I havnt gotten any cool local clothes yet.  Ive been looking for a cool local tie but havnt been able to find one.  
Love you too!
Elder Eastman

This is what is happening with my Johnson and Murphy shoes.  Theyre kind of falling apart.  And this lets in alot of water.  So im not really sure what i should do.  Ill probably just deal with it.   

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