A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week 3 MTC

Hola Papa!

Estoy muy felicidad para usted y su espanol!  Espanol es muy deficil cuando usted no saber mucho! It's also pretty frustrating for me when I'm teaching someone and i want to say a certain thing that i know will help them but i dont know how to say it in spanish.  Alot of the time i just have to "dumb" myself down a bit and explain things more simply.  But its been getting alot better!  Im happy that i actualy understood most what you said in spanish.  Here at the mtc we do a thing called SYL which stands for Speak Your Language (It's HSI in spanish).  For this we are just supposed to speak spanish as much as we can and try and use everything that we know how to say.  This can be pretty difficult sometimes because English is just so much easier.  But i think it helps alot.  So maybe you could try and speak what spanish you know all the time too like at home and other places besides work.  

That's a bummer that youre injured!  I havnt really been running either.  But ive been playing alot of soccer so that includes alot of running in it.  

Everytings been going just great here!  Thanks for the prayers and such! 

Con amor tambien, Su Hijo 

Ps.  Here we are asked to memorize the first vision in spanish and ive acually done that!  It was super hard for me to do it but im super glad that i did.  

Hola me Mama!

Thanks for telling me about how Christians doing!  That sounds pretty cool!  Everything here has been going really good!  Laundry is going good and so is making my bed.  I've been writing in my journal every day with a bit about the unimportant stuff too.  I have gotten into my other suitcase a few times for more garments and more socks.  But thats it.  Also thanks a bunch for the new socks and shorts and shirts!  I only have to wear my suit on sundays and for the devotionals which is good.  And i'm pretty sure ive read 2 nephi 4 quite recently and i agree that its super duper good!

So the best part of this week was definitely the devotional we had this tuesday.  A. because i got to sing in the choir and B. because Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us.  It was so cool to be so close to him and be able to hear him speak.  He gave a really good talk about the importance and power there is in prayer.  

So no big deal but we found out a few days ago that the elders in the mtc will get to sing in the priesthood session of this upcoming conference.  I dont think theyll be able to fit all the elders in the mtc in the choir but im really hoping ill be able to make it in.  

No my VISA has not come through but i still have 3 weeks left so hopefully it will.  The only other elder in my district going to quito is my companion.  But ive met a few other guys around here going to quito too.  

P.S.  I need some more of that body wash stuff cause i'm pretty much out.  Also i definitely need some non-garment underwear to wear during gym.  It gets super hot outside while we're doing our stuff and it be super nice to not have to wear two shirts.  Also sorry for not writing a letter yet.  Ive just forgotten to do it so far because we're only aloud to write them on p-day.  But ill try to remember today.  

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