A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Week Two MTC

Hello Family!

Things have been going very well here!  Yes I have been getting your dear elder letter and they've been very nice.  The days have really been blending together now and time has been going by pretty fast.  Another new group of missionaries got here yesterday and it's always fun to see them and say hola to them.  Spanish is still super hard but i think it's getting better.  Teaching is really hard for me too because I can never understand what is being said so I never know what I can even say.  This is kind of frustrating but i still like doing it.  Even though it's hard to understand what's being said it still have a lot of fun being in there and trying to say things.  When I am actually able to say things it feels really good.  A few days ago I think, one of the missionaries in my district in my apartment thing went home which was pretty sad.  And now I'm in a trio companionship which is actually pretty nice sometimes.  

It's been super nice to be able to feel the spirit so much here.  I love having devotionals every sunday and tuesday.  They're always really nice.  And singing with all the missionaries is super fun.  Singing Called to Serve and We'll Bring the World It's Truth are my favorite I think.  There is coir practice every sunday and tuesday too and ive been going to that and it's super cool.  Except this tuesday I wasn't able to make it in because it fills up pretty fast.  Hermano Meza always shares the best testimonies ever at the end of lessons.  They're always so powerful and spiritual.  

Well I still really like it here and am really glad that I'm here now.  My companions and district are always super fun to be around.  And even though it's great being here I can't wait to actually get out of here and be in Ecuador.

Love Elder Eastman

Oh i just remembered I could use some more athletic shorts and maybe some shirts because i only have 3 shorts and we have gym time every day.  Maybe some more nike long socks like my red ones too.  If you dont want to buy more thats fine I dont absolutely need them but it would be nice :) 

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