A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, February 9, 2015

Another Gringo Companion

I am doing pretty great!  And yep i am staying here in Guamani!  But now i am with Elder Calder!  He is a super nice guy.  And a wonderful missionary.  He has one more change in the mission than me just like Elder Bryce.  He is from Bountiful Utah.  I dont know why i keep getting gringos as companions but oh well, i like gringo companions!  Ill just have to hold off for a while for the incredible spanish learning that you get from having a latino companion.  
Well not much has happened this past week.  Pretty much every single person is gone right now in our sector.  So the lessons and contacts have been pretty low.  Its pretty much because right now the holiday Carnaval is going on.   So i think alot of people are just on vacation.  Carnaval lasts for about a month too.  Its pretty much just a holiday where people like getting each other wet and throw eggs at them and flower and spray foam stuff at people.  So i pretty much  dont like it.  I havnt recieved these things yet but im sure i will eventualy.  
No we didnt get to teach those three again this past week.  They havnt been home.  But their names are, Cecilia, Ginder (weird name, this is the boy who got his answer), and some other name that i cant remember.  And this past sunday they didnt come to church for some reason.  Also everyother investigator that we have didnt come.  But hopefully things start getting better whith me and Elder Calder.  I think we will start having some good success again.  
Well i think my testimony has grown recently in that just why we as missionaries are here doing what we do.  We are spreading the good news of the gospel and when i think of our message that we have as good news my desire to share it with others increases.  And then when people reject these things it just makes me a bit sad because all theyre doing is loosing out on wonderful blessings that could come into their lives.  Like just recently we got to teach a family that we had contacted a while ago.  At the start of the lesson the father said that he has the bible but he doesnt read it very often and doesnt really apply much of it in his life.  And the lesson went great up until we got to the Book of Mormon.  He strait up just said he wasnt going to read it because he already has the Bible and he wont accept anything that isnt the Bible.  So we tried to help him out with that by saying that the Book of Mormon is like the Bible and that you can compare the two and see that they teach about the same kind of priniples.  But no matter what we did he just wouldnt accept any part of the Book of Mormon.  He wouldnt even read just a single random verse when i asked him to read one right then.  So I just bore my testimony and then we left.  So yea its just sad when people choose not to receive blessings in their lives.
Well i dont think i really need anything else right now.  We can buy stuff that is like Top Ramen here.  And its pretty good so i dont need more top ramen.  I'll tell you if i think of something i need.  Oh and i got the pens recently!  thanks a bunch for them!  I really like those kinds of pens.  And the chex mix and other things where wonderful too.  
Thats pretty much it for now!  Sorry i forgot my camera at the house so i dont have any pics.
Elder Eastman

Hello Father!
Im still doing great!  That's pretty cool about that work stuff!  I'm sure that'll be fun.  And also very cool about that mexican place.  I wish they had mexican food here.  But they pretty much dont.  They do have horchatas here though.  I have had a few.  But i dont think they were very good ones because i didnt really like them very much.  I would definitely like to go to that place when i get back.  
Have you guys gone skiing yet this winter? If so how was it? 
Love you too!

Elder Eastman

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