A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, February 2, 2015

Groundhog Day...Or Just a Dog on the Ground

Well happy Groundhog day everyone!  I'm doing pretty good! I have recovered from my sickness! Our changes are next sunday.  I'm pretty much gessing that i will stay here though.  Because our President says that we arent going to change around very much any more.  Like about every 6 months we will change places.  Just so we can really get to know our sectors well.  
Thats super exciting about the subbing, mother!  I hope you get the job! Happy almost birthday Father! How old are you going to be? 
So for some reason they dont accept other international stamps here.  Because I put that stamp you gave me on the letter i just sent you and they decided to put two other stamps on the letter covering up the one i put on.  So i have no clue why they dont like those spamps.  Maybe they just like ripping off gringos and making them still pay the $2.50 for their stamps.  I dont know.  
So the low for this week was the soup i ate yesterday.  That's now the worst thing ive ever had in my life.  The soup consisted of, intestin, liver (i think), and gizerds.  It also had these weird bean or corn stuff that were gross, and potatoes.  It was soooo terrible!!  
The high of this week was this family of 3 that we found on saturday.  They're super awesome!  I cant remember their names though.  We taught lesson 1 and they accepted it very well.  And one of the teenagers there said near the end of the lesson that he has been praying recently and that we just gave him an answer to his prayers and he knows these things that we are saying are true.  So that felt pretty super awesome!  Unfortunately he wasnt able to come to church this sunday but the other two people did make it to church.  I think they could all do very well!

I took a picture of this dog because i think it is a very interesting looking dog.  I think it has a skin condition because it has so much skin.  And its face looks swollen.  And i just really like this picture for some reason.
Well thats pretty much it for now!
Elder Eastman

Hello Father!
Thanks for the letter! I'm excited to read it.  Thats a good idea to fast from both food and electronics and the super bowl.  Even some missionaries here were worried about it.  Sometimes its just really hard to get away from the worldly things.  Well i hope you get better from your sickness! 
Well things here are doing good!  We are definitely getting better and having more success.  This last week we made the goal to get 20 lessons because lessons have been pretty hard to get lately.  So we tried our best and we actually hit 20 lessons!  So that felt really good.  Im pretty sure that is the most lessons i have had so far in my mission.  
I love you too!
Elder Eastman

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