A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ruby's Miracle


Thanks for the quotes!  I like them!  

Well there is a great section in Preach My Gosple called How to Start Teaching (or something like that).  I think it might be a bit more focused on teaching missionary lessons but im sure there is some good stuff in there that could help you mom!
I'm not sure what my favorite spanish hymn is right now.  I dont have my hymn book with me right now so i cant look for one.  So i'll find one this week and tell you next week.  

Well i think the most significant influence of the Spirit was more with my companion.  So we got into this lesson with this new family that we found.  The family consists of the mom named Ruby and 4 or 5 other kids.  Ruby is divorsed so there's no dad.  We were just talking and she told us that she believes that God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are all just one person.  And that the Holy Ghost is just the power and strength of Gods spirit.  So we explaned how it is.  And then my comp asked the question, when you feel this Spirit of God, how do you feel?  And then she told us this really cool/amazing story.
So in the year 2000 she was pregnant and about ready to give birth.  After going to the hospital a few times because of contractions and feeling the baby alot, around 10 or 11 in the morning one day she stopped feeling the baby.  So she was a bit worried.  She went the the hospital again and some time that night the doctors told her that the baby had died and has been dead since that morning.  Then she started crying alot and also praying alot.  She said that she asked God to some how let this baby live and some other things that i cant really remember.  But she said she prayed harder than she had ever done before.  Then after a little while of that the doctors came back to her and told her that they dont know how this is possible because they have never seen this bofore but her baby started living again.  But now the kid is living just fine with a normal life.  His name is Gustavo.  He's a really good kid too with alot of really good questions.  
So that was really cool to hear that story.  I think this family will do really well.  

Well that's pretty much it!  Have a good life everyone! 

Elder Eastman

Hello Dad!

Things are going great!  Thanks for that analogy that Elder Bendar gave!  Thats a really cool analogy. I like it alot!  I also like the one that compares our testimonies with a giant red wood tree.  Elder Christiansen gave a talk about it this last priestood session.  He says that even the giant red wood trees had to start out as little tiny seeds, but after time and alot of nurishment it can grow into something amazing.  
My spanish is doing pretty good!  Im not quite at the point of being able to say anything i want, but i can defintely say alot more than when i first started.  And if i dont know how to say something exactly like how i want to i can normaly come up with some other way to say it.  And understanding things is also alot easier now than it was when i first got here.  But still not perfect because there is alot of word that i need to learn.  
Well that sounds like a really good movie!  I think XC definitely taught me alot of very usefull things that can help me alot on the mission and probably in the rest of the things i'll do im my life.  
Love you too!

Elder Eastman

Just another picture from my house.  This is in the morning with some kinda cool clouds and two volcanoes on each side.  The one on the right is Cotopaxi and the one on the left is named Anti Sana, this one has its top half blown off.  

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