A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, March 2, 2015

Finding Patrick

Oh cool thanks!  (referring to the small package he will be picking up at the mission office.  I was able to send it with a lady who flew to Quito last week. She took it directly to the mission office.) Yep I got your letter a little while ago.  Thanks for it!

No we dont have to hang them outside.  We have a little rack thing inside for hanging clothes.  

Yes we've been able to teach Ruby some more.  I think we have had 3 or 4 lessons with her and her family so far.  They've been pretty good too.  They're still interested and always have sooo many questions.  They just havnt been able to come to church yet.  But as soon as they do that i think it'll be very likely that they will get baptised.  It just wont be in this transfer because this transfer is already half way over and they need at least three church attendances.  

One kinda cool thing that happened this week was when we were contacting.  We had quite alot of time to contact this day.  We were thinking of where we should go and then we just decided to go down this one street.  We saw this guy sitting on his motorcycle with his daughter and a wife next to them.  So we decided to go talk to them.  When we came up to him he seemed pretty excited to talk to us.  His name is Patrick.  He told us he has seen us all the time walking past his house but we have never came up to him.  And that he has always wanted us to talk to him so he could find out what we are doing.  He also said that his aunt is Mormon and he has talked to her about the church alot.  He said that when she converted to this church she changed alot in a good way and said that he would like to have some change too.  He already knows alot of things about the church like the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, Thomas S. Monson and Moroni.  Also his cousin, i think it is, is on a mission right now in Peru.  So this guy already has some good connections with the church, he's just never been able to talk to the missionaries before.  He's really interested in talking to us more and we have a cita with him tomorrow.  So i'm pretty excited for that and i hope he becomes a good investigator and him and his wife get baptised.  

Well that's it for now!

Elder Eastman

Hey Father!

Thanks a bunch for that scripture!  I really like it!  Good job on the running!  When are those races that you are going to do?
No i havnt gotten that spanish letter yet.  Im sure i'll get it soon though.
Testimony meetings are alright.  There is always a few people who say some really good things and share good testimonies.  Alot of the time though as soon as one person says something about some gosple topic like temples, pretty much all the other people that go after that person will say exactly the same thing as the first person.  I just think that is kinda funny sometimes.  But they're normaly good, without weird things or really crazy people.  
Love you too!

Elder Eastman

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