A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, March 9, 2015

Investigators At Stake Conference

My week was pretty good!  Patricio (Patrick) is doing very well.  The past week we were able to teach him and his wife, Miriam, twice.  Then this sunday they came to church!  This sunday was also stake conference.  They enjoyed it too!  So i think they will do very good.  Also some other investigators named Edwin and Maria (im not sure if i have already told you about them) but they came to conference as well.  Except they're not married so we have to work with that before they can get baptized.  Ruby and her family have been alright.  Except she had to go down to Guayaquil for the past few days because of family stuff.  So once again she and her family werent able to come to church again.  So that's kindof frustrating.  

For General Conference we get to listen to it in English.  We have our own seperate room in the church for the gringo missionaries.  

Oh thats super cool!  Joseph W. Sitati came and spoke to us while i was in the MTC.  Haha no i dont remember that about the coconuts.  But that's cool!  
Today as a zone we all went up to the Panecillo.  The first time i was there was in change 1.  So it was pretty cool to go back.  While i was there i bought a llama.  But it was just a tiny little one made of wire and string.  It's pretty awesome.  Ecuador has alot of cool little things to buy.  

Well that's pretty much it for this week!  Sorry it's not a whole lot.  

Elder Eastman

Oh i forgot one thing.

The next letter that you send could you include a nice picture of our family?  not to bit and not to small.  Something that i could put in my scripture case so i can show people that we teach.  Cause i family pic can be super usefull alot of the time.  Especially when teaching the Plan of Salvation.  
Or maybe even better, you could just send me a pic and i can just print it off here. 


Hi Dad!

Im doing good!  I got your letter in spanish a few days ago.  I really liked it!  Im in the process of writing one back in spanish.  Hopefully i'll get it done this week so i can send it next monday.  Well like you mentioned in your letter, we should definitely come back down here for like a week after i get home.  Then you could get some good immersion in the language for a little while.  And i think it would be super super fun.  
Transfers are in about two weeks.  Well since i have been here for 4 months i think i might actually go this time.  But im still not sure.  Because you never really know with our president.  So i still might have one more change here.  
Yep we had a few good contacts.  And we have gotten a few new, good investigators out of it too who could do well with their commitments.   
Today during a zone activity we learned that no matter how much time we have or dont have in the mission we should always work and have the same mind set as if we were always in the middle of our missions.  So i think i need to work on stop thinking about how much time i still have to go and just always work as hard as i can.  
Love you too!

Elder Eastman

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