A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, April 25, 2016

Missionary Marriage Therapy

Wow, marriage sure is some crazy stuff!  I wish more people would be getting married here in Ecuador too!  But that doesnt happen very often.  Pretty sweet that Chelsea's doing it though!  It'll be pretty cool to be able to get to know Spencer one of these days.  
Well this week was a bit better than last week.  We were able to find a new family of investigators named the F. Gomez (luis and lucia).  They didnt come to church this week, and they're not married either, but I have hope that they will be able to start progressing soon.  I think it's pretty cool that most of the investigators we have right now are families, but like I just said, I wish marriage was a bit more common here.  
This week we visited the Familia Idrovo and tried to help them out with the relationship problems that they have been having.  As we were aproching their house I was saying a silent prayer in my mind for help in the lesson and for the guidance of the Holy Ghost.  We then got in their house and started talking to them.  We mostly talked about forgiveness and repentance.  The lesson went very well.  I really did feel the guidance of the Spirit during the lesson.  At the end of the lesson the husband said to us something like, "oh, so all of this has just been satan trying to tempt us and take away the happiness that we have had".  It made us very happy to know that they were able to understand that this has been opposition that satan has been trying to put in their path.  Thanks to the Spirit, I feel like we were able to help them a bit with their challenges.  
My companion, Elder Paiz, makes me laugh alot.  He's normaly quiet, but sometimes he just opens up and does something funny.
There hasnt been very many of those dogs lately.  I was hoping to see that same dog again here in Turubamba, but I havent seen it yet. Nope, I can hardly see anything from my sector.  It's a very flat sector and filled with big house complexes.  
This week one of the words that I leared was "apio" which means celery.  I recently bought a small notebook to carry around with me everywhere to write down the words that I dont know.  It's been helping alot and I have been able to learn alot of new words.  I should have started doing this earlier.  Some other new words include: arveja, gaveta, disimular, estirar, divisar, destellar, gatillo, enredar, ect. 
I love you too mom!!
Elder Eastman

Hi dad!  Yep it does seem like tomorrow will be a pretty big day.  It'll be a really good day too I'm sure.  It sure would be cool to be there with you guys but I'm ok with being here in Ecuador.  I love being a missionary even though it can be really tough some times.  I will be both sad and happy to come home.  Sad because I will be leaving this wonderful country and be getting releaved from this great calling, and happy because I will be able to be with you guys again.  You really have been a wonderful father to me and have taught me so many wonderful and important things.  I sure do love you too!
Elder Eastman

pic: one of the many giant apartment complexes in my sector

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