A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, April 18, 2016


Hello mom!  Well everything is alright here in Quito.  It was mostly the coast that got hit hard.  Especially the part of Manabí.  The earthquake (terremoto) was still pretty strong here in Quito, but it hardly did anything.  The power went out for a little while and so did the phone lines.  But there was hardly any damage to buildings.  So life here is pretty much normal now.  We were just walking in the street around 7:00 at night when it started.  At first I felt like I was just get really dizzy, so i was confused at what was going on for a few seconds.  But then we stopped and realized that it was an earthquake.  So we just stood there for a few minutes while it was going on.  I think it lasted around 2 minutes or so.  It was really weird and kinda cool to feel your feet move underneath you.  All the powerlines were swaying back and forth.  Some of them even fell over.  But not were we were.  After it finished we started contacting some of the people that were outside.  There were tons of people in the streets because they all ran out of there houses.  But everyone we talked to still rejected us.  So that's my part of the story.  
Well unfortunatly none of our investigators came to church this sunday.  The work has been pretty tough this week.  We still havnt visted the Familia Segura Chimba (we will tonight) so we still dont know exactly why they didnt come to church.  We called the F. Idrovo on sunday and they said that they are wanting to get separated right now.  So we tried to go and visit them but they werent home.  So we still dont know what is going on with them.  Hopefully we can visit them soon to try and help them.  I know it is just opposition that they are passing through right now that they have to get over.  When ever people try to do the right thing satan always puts something in their path to make it harder.  And alot of the time it is some type of dificulty in a relationship that makes them want to split up.  So this week the work has been really hard.  For some reason it has been super hard to just teach a lesson.  We are also a bit low on investigators and other people like recent converts and less actives right now.  It has been especially dificult to stay diligent when there just isnt anyone to teach.  Sometimes I just want to stay in the house of some member for a long time or find something else to do so the time goes by.  But I really need to be more diligent and obedient than ever because we really need some miracles in this sector to get the work moving forward well.  I know that we will recieve those miracles.  And I will learn and grow so much while I'm here.  
Well I dont have much more time to be on the computer.  Sorry I wasnt able to tell you about a teaching experience from this week.  I will include one next week.
I love you all very much!
Elder Eastman

Hey dad!  Well everything is going alright here in Quito.  Really nothing much happened here.  It was mostly just the coast that got hit hard.  Here in Quito we were just without power for a little while and the phone lines also went down for a while.  We were just walking in the street when it started.  It felt really weird to stand there and feel the ground move under my feet.  Everybody got out of their houses really quickly and just stood there as well.  I think it lasted for a good 2 minutes or so.  After it finished we started contacting because there was a bunch of people out side.  But nobody really wanted to listen to us very much.  So yeah, everything is pretty much normal here in Quito.  But it will be nice to help in some way the people in the coast.  
I love you too dad!
Elder Eastman

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