A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Dream

Hello Father!

Well i'm a bit jealous that you get the cold and snow! It might not ever get very hot here but it can sometimes feel hot when it's a clear day.  Maybe becuase we are a couple miles closer to the sun.  I think the place i'm at (Guamani) is about 10,000 feet high.  

Haha i really like what you said about the light bulb and Thomas Edison!  That is a super cool analogy.  

Well everything is going pretty good here!  It's still hard to find people to teach but we keep working hard.  One of our best investigators got a cool answer to her prayers a few days ago.  I'll explain it better in the other email to you guys.  But she said because of this answer she is for sure going to baptised!  That made us super happy and excited.  Her baptismal date is on the 27th.  So that will be my first baptism in my mission.  
Well have a good week Father!

Hello Family!

Well first off i have some good news!  A few days ago a got a few packages.  One from the Wright grandparents, one from you guys, and another one from you guys.  So im guessing that means that both of the packages you sent made it here!  One is in a box and the other is in a padded envelope.  I'm waiting for christmas to open them (except the one from grandma and grandpa, i already opened that).  Also i want to send you guys and some other people some letters but i didnt get any time today to write/send them.  So hopefully i will have time next p day.  

Thats a pretty sweet 12 weeks theme!  PMG is awesome.  Also cool about Hayden and all that military stuff.  

Yes i know what the Share the Gift thing is.  We have pass along cards that say El es la Dádiva.  Which pretty much means He is the Gift.  On the back of the card there is a link to a video on the church website that we tell people to go to.  
Well here i dont really think christmas is quite as big as it is in the states.  But its still pretty big.  People dont have big trees here (real or fake) like they do in the states.  They are just small little fake ones (like maybe 3 feet tall normaly).  Also not very many people put lights up.  And when they do its just a very small amounts of lights.  Other than that stuff though i havnt really noticed much else.  

Well the fruits of our labors were definitely more visible this week.  Mostly just with our one really good investigator that we have.  
So a few days ago we taught this investigator of ours named Hna. Teresa the word of wisdom.  And we found out that she really really really likes to drink coffe.  Like alot of the people here.  But we talked to her about it and all that good stuff.  And she said that she will pray to get help with over comming this and that she is going to try really hard to stop drinking coffe.  So that was really good and so far she hasnt drank any more coffe.  Then a bit later on in the lesson she told us something super duper cool.  Well first she has been really trying to figure out why this church is the true church by asking us and also by praying.  And during this lesson she said she got an answer to her prayers.  So what happened is she had a dream.  And in that dream she saw me and my companion.  We were dressed in white and the space around us was really bright.  She then looked around a bit and saw that the space around us wasnt quite as bright as it was around us.  Then she noticed that we were calling after her.  I guess we were telling her to come to us.  She said she was a bit hesitant to come over but she did anyways.  Then when she got to us she saw a foutain with really really clear water in it.  And that was the dream she had.  After this dream she said that because of this she is for sure going to get baptised.  So that was super super cool!  And will be my first baptism on my mission.  Her baptismal date is on the 27 of this month.  

Well i dont have anymore time for emailing.  But today we went up that cable car thing they have here called the teleférico.  It was super cool and fun.  I have some pics.  

Well have a good week everyone!

Elder Eastman

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