A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, December 22, 2014

Rough Pre-Christmas Week

Hello Father,

Well Christmas will defintely be very different this year but im glad im here too.  
Wow a primary teacher!  I definitely would never have expected that!  But thats super cool!  Isnt there like 206ish primary kids in that ward?  

Hahaha ceviche is super duper popular here! Shirmp ceviche is the best of them all i think but i still really dont like it.  There is just so much onions and weird stuff in it.  But ya ive had ceviche a bunch of times so far.  I dont think i have told you this but ive also had the wonderful opportunity to try chicken foot a few times.  Its always just thrown into soup.  So if they have chicken foot at that place i would recomend that you try it.  Because its super super gross.  But not as bad as pig skin or cow stomach.  

Love you too and ill see you on Chistmas!

Elder Eastman

Hello everyone!

So i think we are going to skype around 5 our time.  Which i guess would be 3 your time.  
Well sounds like you guys are just having a super wonderful time over in Utah!  That south american restaurant sounds pretty cool! 

Well this week was pretty rough.  We are really trying not to base our success off of the numbers.  Because this week the numbers really didnt show at all how hard we worked and how much we tried.  They were super terrible.  And pretty much worst of all our golden investigator Hna. Teresa didnt show up to church on sunday which means her baptismal date fell.  So now itll be on the 3rd which is next change which means me and elder bryce might not be there.  Or possibly only one of us.  So that wasnt very fun.  We still have to talk to her to figure out the reason why she wasnt there.  So i guess patience is a big thing that we can learn from this.  

Well i think thats pretty much it for now!  I can tell you more things through skype on Christmas. 

Elder Eastman 

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