A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, December 1, 2014

Service Really Can Do Some Good

Hello Father,

Things are going pretty good here!  I totaly forgot it was Thanksgiving on thursday last week.  Yeah they definitely dont celebrate it here.  Most people here dont know who Joseph Smith is so I havnt gotten that question yet.  
Well sorry i dont have much else to say.  This week was a bit on the non exciting side.  Not to much happend.  
Well have a fun week at work and with the fam! 

Su hijo,
Elder Eastman

Hello Family!

Yes i got the advent calendar a few days ago.  Thanks for it!  I like it. 
We do laundry and a members house.  We get fed by members for lunch almost every day.  Normaly nobody gives us dinner though.  So for dinner we normaly just make some eggs at the house at the end of the day.  
Yes we have to drink bottled water.  The water from the tap is unsafe.  Im fine with just normal water.  (I asked him if he wanted flavor packets)  We drink juice alot of the time too so its not always boring.  
So far the dogs have stayed some what away from us.  There is only a few who will actually get close to us.  Most are all just bark.  But still super annoying.  
Thanks for ordering the same umbrella!  I really liked that umbrella.  And i havnt bought a new one yet.  

Well this week was a bit unexciting.  I think all of our lessons that we had planned with the new people that we have contacted fell.  And most of the lessons with members fell too.  So we really didnt get to teach a whole lot of lessons this week.  For some reason just nobody is ever home.  Which is weird because theyre not in the streets either.  So im wondering where everyone is.  Guamaní feels like a ghost town sometimes.  A few days ago me, Elder Bryce, some other missionaries and a bunch of ward members helped clean this house of some recent converts who havnt been coming to church lately.  Wow their house was quite the mess.  Tons of cockroaches, dirty clothes outside with flies all over them, stuff like this.  So there was a bunch of stuff to be cleaned.  A bit gross but still a good experience and a good oportunity to help some people out.  And what was really good because of this is that this sunday they actually came to church!  So service can really do some good things sometimes!
Also a few days ago i bought a speaker and a little 8gb flashdrive to put music on.  The speaker says Beats on it but its not a real Beats speaker because it was only about $20.  But its still a good speaker.  And now i can actually listen to music.  Right now i only have a few talks and a bunch of motab from the church website.  But ill try and put those cds i have on it too.  

Cotopaxi!  One of the great views from our house.  On a clear day like this we can see 3 awesome looking volcanoes from our house.

Me and Elder Bryce.  Sorry i forgot again to take a picture with him until just now, so we took one here in the internet place.

Well thats pretty much everything!  
Have a good life!

Elder Eastman

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