A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello Family!

All is still just fine.  I actualy havnt opened that cereal yet.  I dont have milk right now.  But ill open it soon.  
Wow i think i remember when chelsea said that!  (referring to Chelsea saying that she knew that she would be serving the Lord every single day of 2014).  Well this next year is definitely going to be a good one!  So 34 more to go means that you can get it done in 34 days right?  (referring to finishing the D&C)
A few weeks ago my zone had a zone conference thing and a dinner at the Presidents house.  So just not with all the missionaries.  

So yesterday we got our changes!  And they werent very exciting.  But still good!  So i am staying here in Guamani and so is my comp elder Bryce.  So now we get to stay together and finish the things we started last change.  So we decided we are definitely going to have a better change this time than last time.  
Also yesterday we contacted a reference that we got a while ago from a different missionary and even got a nice family out of it.  His name is Freddy Florres and he is super cool.  He doesnt remember how old he is so i think he might have some type of a learning disability.  But hes super nice.  And his family is quite good too.  there is 6 of them.  But two of them live out side of our sector so we can only baptise 4 of them.  And i think they have a pretty good chance at being baptised.  

Oh and today i got the umbrella!  thank you!  And thanks for the other stuff inside too!  

Well i think thats pretty much all for this week!

Elder Eastman

Hello my Father,

Well im pretty sure that the christmas call didnt mess me up.  So thats good!  It was just reall cool.  So yep im doing alright! Thanks for the advise about success!  This last change was a bit tough with that.  Alot of people didnt want to listen to us or just werent home.  So our numbers for alot of the week were pretty terrible.  And my companion occasionaly had a bit of a hard time still thinking that we had any success at all.  We definitely tried as hard as we know how to do and tried our best.  But sometimes the bad numbers would just get a hold of my companion and make him think that he was a bad missionary and doing something wrong.  So i tried to keep myself away from that and stay positive and think of the little successes that we did have.  And at least my companion is always trying to improve and become a better missionary.  I just think that sometimes he just listens to the wrong voice.  Because that is what satan tries to tell us, that we are worse than we really are or tries to make us feel bad about ourselves.  So yeah im going to try really hard and not base my success of of just numbers but think of the effort that i have put into it.
Well thats pretty cool that youll be teaching the little niños!  There is a super good talk that i have been listening to lately by David m. mcconkie called Teaching with the power and authority of God.  So you should look that up.  Its really good.  
Love you too!

Elder Eastman

A picture of my zone that actualy just changed a bit, me roasting marshmellows in our fire place, me, elder bryce, elder memmott, and elder hayrond, and me with mator (from the movie cars)

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