A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Angel Moroni Flying High

Hey dad, Im doing super good.  So these past two days here have been the holiday called Carnaval.  This year our mission president told us that we have to stay in our houses all day (monday and tuesday) unless we have a confirmed appointment with someone.  Also, all the internet places here were closed, which is why we werent able to write on monday.  Our president told us that we could write today.  
No way! That's cool that it was your birthday on thursday!  I can never remember the birthday dates of anyone.  So I'm sorry that I didnt know.  But happy birthday! 47 isnt that old, just a little.  
I really like that talk as well.  There are so many people here who either think they dont need any church or that all churches that teach from the Bible are equaly good.  But God has established a path of covenants to make that can only be made in a church.  There really isnt any other church that offers all the convenants that are necesary for our exaltation, only the Church of Jesus Christ. 
I love you too! 
Elder Eastman

Hello mom.  We are finaly able to email today.  Monday and yesterday were the big days of the holiday called Carnaval.  Pretty much all the stores were closed and there wasn't a single internet place that was open.  So that's why I havent emailed you guys yet.  Our mission president told us we could email today.  This year we even had to stay in our houses all day monday and tuesday unless we had a set appointment to go to.  So we didnt really get to do much for these past two days.  Alot of kids here make kites that fly super high when there is wind.  So these past two days we made a kite just like the ones kids make and we tried to fly it from the top of our house.  But we didnt have much success with getting it up high.  It was pretty fun to make it though.  I drew the Angel Moroni on it.  
Fe de Febrero is going really well.  I have been enjoying reading the Book of Mormon again.  Right now I am a little more than half way through 2 Nephi.  I have also been enjoying studying the Christ-like atributes.  We always need to keep trying to become more and more like Jesus Chirst.  
On Friday we had interviews with our mission president.  I always like talking to President Christensen.  On Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference.  Our investigator that we recently found named Marcos Mera came on Sunday.  He was the first person that we found when we started teaching the Book of Mormon first.  It seemed like Marcos had a nice experience in the church.  I think he could progress really well.  
Well that's it for now!  I love you mom and dad and sisters and others!

Elder Eastman

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