A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, June 20, 2016

Last Transfer/District Leader

Hey dad! I'm doing really good.  Sounds like you had a really fun trip.  I sure would like to go to a cool baseball game when I get back like those that you went too.  I kinda miss going to games or other types of events.  
Wow that does sound like a pretty tough calling.  But I know that you'll be a great bishop for those young people.  
I would love to go get some good food when I get back.  Whatever good mexican place would be nice.  Or maybe In-n-Out, or 5 guys, or some other good burger place.  I ate McDonalds today, which is mostly the same here as it is in the states, but they dont have as many things on the menu.  But most of all, I think I would first just like to eat some nice green chile enchiladas at home.  
Well today was the official start of my last transfer here in the mission.  I'm still here in Turubamba but now I'm with and new companion named Elder Chavez.  I have also been made the district leader here.  Which I'm pretty excited about.  It'll be something new to do and to learn from.   
I love you lots dad! 
Elder Eastman

Hey mom!  Yep, today is the first day of my last transfer in the mission.  I feels pretty weird to know that I'm now in my last transfer.  I would always look at the missionaries who had alot of time in the mission and think, wow, they have been here for so long, I cant even imagine me being where they are right now.  But now that moment has come, pretty crazy!  
I'm still here in Turubamba.  But now I'm with a new companion named Elder Chavez (not the same elder Chavez that I was with in Ambato) but this elder Chavez is also from Peru.  He is 21 years old and has 6 months in the mission.  He seems like a really cool and funny guy so far.  I think we will get along very well and be able to work hard.  Some other good news from this transfer is that I am now the new district leader of my district.  The district leader last transfer finished the mission,  and I got made the new one.  I'm pretty excited to be able to have this responsibility.  Even though it'll just be for one transfer, it'll be a good learning opportunity for me.  
This week we werent able to visit the F. Cadme.  They werent home alot of the time and were really busy.  Hopefully this week they will be more available.  I'm pretty sure they are already married.  Their children are all youth ages.  
This sunday the F. Chicaisa came to church.  So they are the investigators who are progressing the most right now.  It seemed like they could tell that this church is alot different from all the other churches.  But I think they liked it.  We havent been able to talk to them yet to really find out.  But they stayed for all 3 hours of church.  The mom (Erica), Erica's mom, and Erica's 3 children all came.  So that made us really happy to see them come.  Hopefully all keeps going really well with them.  
This week we visited the F. Idrovo.  But they have stopped progressing for a long time now.  So we talked a bit about odedience to God's commandments and also told them that we wont be able to keep visiting them if they dont do their part.  We can only help them to a certain point, and for us to be able to keep helping them, they have to start keeping the commandments and doing their part.  This sunday they didnt come to church, so we wont be able to keep visiting them for a while.  It's a bit sad to have to stop visiting a family that has so much potential.  But it's something that has to be done.  Hopefuly they will start progressing again in the future and be able to be baptised and then go to the temple.  
In this week I have really been able to feel my testimony of the Book of Mormon grow.  I love teaching people about it.  Even if the people dont always want to accept it,  I just love talking about it.  I really know that it is a true book of God. 
I love you mom!  
Elder Eastman

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