A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, June 27, 2016

District Leader Responsibilities

Hey dad! I'm doing really good. Wow that sure is a long time to be at church.  But that's good that you are enjoying it.  I am also enjoying my new assignment as a district leader.  It's pretty fun.  On saturday I got to do a baptismal interview for an investigator of some other elders in my district.  So that was the first time ever in my life that I have done an interview to determine the worthiness of someone else.  Pretty crazy that a little 19 year old kid can do that!  The interview went really well.  The investigator is a really good guy and super prepared for baptism.  So it wasnt that hard to do.  I was a bit nervous before, but as soon as we started I felt better.  
We havnt gone on splits yet because there are a few new elders in the district that dont know their sectors very well yet.  But maybe next week I'll get to do some. 
That's super cool that you did so well playing golf.  Maybe I would even like to go try and play some golf when I get back.  But just maybe ;)
I love you too!
Elder Eastman

Hey mom!  Thanks for the hugs and kisses!  
It sure has been pretty fun to be a district leader.  I can defenitely feel the extra responsibility.  I enjoy getting calls from all the other missionaries in my district every night, seeing how they did in the day and trying to help them get better and reach their goals.  Then I have to call the zone leaders after talking to the other elders and tell them how my day was and how the day of the other elders went.  Doing that takes away a bit of the time I have at night but I still enjoy doing it.  And every thursday I have to give a training kinda thing to my district and teach them about some part of the missionary work that we could get better at.  I think putting that together is the hardest part of being a district leader.  But it's a good thing I like teaching people.  
Elder Chavez is super awesome.  He is really good at staying diligent throughout the day.  And he is helping me alot at talking to more people everyday that are in our path.  He is also really good at cooking.  We have made some super good tacos two times this week.  He also knows how to cook alot of food from Peru.  So we are getting along really well.  
Yep I think last week the F. Chimba gave us some cow stomach.  It was terrible.  I have gotten better at eating it, but I still gagged a few times.  
So this week was a bit rough with being able to teach investigators.  There was almost nobody that was able to recieve us and let us in to teach them.  We have a few investigators like the F. Chicaisa, but they are pretty much only available on saturdays and sundays.  But this saturday and sunday nobody was available.  We are trying really hard to find new investigators that are available more often.  We have been asking everyone for references and contacting like crazy.  And this sunday we were given a little blessing.  A member lady brought one of her friends to church and we will be able to teach her and her family this wednesday.  So I am really looking forward to that. 
Well I sure do love you mom!
Elder Eastman
PS. Question... Is it alright if I sell my little camera to another missionary that wants it at the end of this transfer?  I'm thinking $50 would be a fair price.  

This is Elder Chavez
Fun fact... That little house with the red roof in that picture is where the F. Chicaisa lives

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