A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, June 13, 2016

M&Ms Baptisms and A Yellow Shirt

YAY!!! That's so cool that you got made a bishop yesterday!  I know that you will do a fantastic job.  I'm sure it'll be really crazy sometimes and maybe even a bit stressful.  But what you said is true, just do what the Lord tells you to do and all will go well.  
Yesterday I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting.  One of the bishops counselors called me right before the meeting started and asked me if I could give a talk about the Holy Ghost.  So I didnt have very much time at all to prepare something.  But I definitely felt the guidence of the Holy Ghost while I was talking about the Holy Ghost.  The time went by super fast while I was talking and I think I went a bit over my time to talk.  But I actualy enjoyed giving the talk.  I didnt really feel nervous before it or while I was talking.   It was a nice experience.  I definitely have gotten alot better at talking in front of people while here on the mission.  
Well everything is going wonderfuly here.  I feel good and healthy.  
I love you dad! Good luck in your new calling!
Elder Eastman

Hi mom!  That's super super duper cool that dad got made a bishop!  I'm sure that's a pretty crazy calling to have.  I know he'll do great.  
I also think it's super cool that Emma is working hard in XC.  It's definitely not easy but it's worth it.  It's the best thing in the world to be in good shape and be able to run fast for a long time.  I was never that great but I'm super happy that I did it.  
The baptism of Martha and Mery went absolutely wonderfuly.  It was a cool baptismal service because there were 5 people in total who were getting baptised.  Martha, Mery, Martha's dad (who lives in a different ward but wanted to get baptised with his family), and two investigators of the other elders in our ward.  So there were alot of people in white.  I got to baptise Martha and my companion got to baptise Mery.  Pretty much every thing went really well during the service.  Except for one small thing... I forgot to bring and extra pair of garments, so had to do my best to dry them off with my towel and then I had to put my normal clothes back on with wet garments.  It wasnt very comfortable.  Other than that everything was perfect.  
Yes, we still get to visit the new members after their baptism.  We have to go over all the lessons again and help them stay strong as a member.  We also get to visit the less active members and help them get back on track.  Right now we dont have very many less actives who are progressing very well.  There is only one family who is starting to slowly get back to church.  Their name is the familia Naranjo.  
This week we found a new family named the familia Cadme.  It's a family of 5 but we were only able to teach the mom and dad this week.  They seem really cool and interested in the restored gosple.  They didnt come to church this sunday but hopefuly they do this next week.  Our mission president has taught us that we should work like and escalator and not like an elevator (when it comes to finding, teaching and baptising people).  An escalator can always have people going up at all times, but an elevator has to go all the way down, pick up one set of people, go back up and repeat that process.  So the goal is to always be finding people, have people progressing towards baptism, and have people getting baptised every week.  But I think that we have fallen a bit into being like an elevator instead of an escalator.  It's been hard to find people to teach every week here, and have a few of those people progressing.  We worked well with the F. Chimba, but now they got baptised and we are left with nobody else whos progressing.  But we are not perfect missionaries and we cannot take away  peoples agency and make them come to church.  I know that we can get better and find even more people to teach, starting with the F. Cadme.  
Well I love you a bunch mom!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have fun on trip to DC!

Elder Eastman

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