A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

A Record of Elder Eastman's Missionary Service in the Quito Ecuador Mission

Monday, June 1, 2015

"Get Over That...and Just Do It"


Wow that's super crazy that it has already been a year since i graduated!  Time has gone by super fast!  In 3 months I'll have been in the mission for a year.  
(in response to What made you smile or laugh this week?)
Being with my district is always super fun and makes me smile alot.  Also teaching the Pasmiño family and other people is always enjoyable. 
Yes i did hear that Elder Perry died.  Which is a bit sad but I also know that he is very happy where he is now.  
Well this past week was a bit tough.  We didnt have any investigators come to church.  And not a whole lot of success with finding new people.  Elder Caceres and I are going to be better with contacting and working with members now.  Cause we've kind of been slacking a bit with both of those.  And i'm going to take alot more iniciative with contacting.  I think ive been getting nervous or scared to do it alot.  So i need to get over that, put my trust in the Lord and just do it.  
The baptism of Alexandra and Joanna Pasmiño didnt happen this past Saturday.  But should happen this Saturday.  So i'm super excited for that.  
Thanks for the birthday package! (we are mailing it this week)  A few weeks ago i sent a little Ecuadorian gift for Chelsea.  Have you gotten it yet?  Probably not but i was just wondering.  

Love, Elder Eastman

Hey Dad, 
I'm doing really good!  We played volleyball today so I'm pretty sunburnt.  But still feeling good.  Nope, I hanvt been sick for a while.  The food is still pretty much the same.  And alot of the time the basic foods like rice and chicken are my favorite.  So i dont mind getting that alot.  Especially getting rice alot.  I like rice.  Reading the Liahona in spanish is a really good thing to do.  (Matt is reading it) There's always alot of good words to learn in it.  And the stucture is a bit more normal than things like the Book of Mormon.  But reading the Book of Mormon in spanish is a really good thing to do too.  Love you too!
Elder Eastman 

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